作者:S. Pfahl , H. Sodemann
来源:[J].Climate of the Past, 2014, Vol.10 (2), pp.771-781
摘要:The deuterium excess ( d ) of precipitation is widely used in thereconstruction of past climatic changes from ice cores. However, itsmost common interpretation as moisture source temperature cannotdirectly be inferred from present-day water isotopeobservations. Here, we use a new...
作者:S. Pfahl
来源:[J].Natural Hazards and Earth System Science, 2014, Vol.14 (6), pp.1461-1475
摘要:Extreme weather events in Europe are closely linked to anomalies of theatmospheric circulation and in particular to circulation features likecyclones and atmospheric blocking. In this study, this linkage issystematically characterised with the help of conditional cyclone andblock...
作者:A. K. Miltenberger , S. Pfahl , H. Wernli
来源:[J].Geoscientific Model Development, 2013, Vol.6 (6), pp.1989-2004
摘要:A module to calculate online trajectories has been implemented intothe nonhydrostatic limited-area weather prediction and climate modelCOSMO. Whereas offline trajectories are calculated with wind fieldsfrom model output, which is typically available every one to sixhours, on...
作者:S. Pfahl , H. Sodemann ...
来源:[J].Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2014, Vol.14 (8), pp.4029-4054
摘要:Studying the evaporation process and its link to the atmospheric circulationis central for a better understanding of the feedbacks between the surfacewater components and the atmosphere. In this study, we use 5 months ofdeuterium excess ( d ) measurements at the hourly to da...
作者:S. Pfahl , H. Sodemann
来源:[J].Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2014, Vol.14 (13), pp.6605-6619
摘要:Moisture convergence from different sources is an importantprerequisite for a heavy-precipitation event. The contributions fromdifferent source regions can, however, hardly be quantified fromobservations, and their assessment based on model results iscomplex. Two conceptuall...
作者:S. Pfahl , N. Piaget
来源:[J].Natural Hazards and Earth System Science, 2014, Vol.14 (7), pp.1691-1702
摘要:In June 2013, central Europe was hit by a century flood affecting theDanube and Elbe catchments after a 4 day period of heavyprecipitation and causing severe human and economic loss. In thisstudy model analysis and observational data are investigated toreveal the key atmospheric ...


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