作者:S. D. Lysenko , S. S. Lysenko (Kiev , Ukraine)
来源:[B].В. С. Синика (Тирасполь;; Молдова);; Р. А. Рабинович (Кишинёв;; Молдова)2018Stratum出版公司
摘要:In 2011, the Fastov archaeological expedition renewed the research on the barrow cemetery of the Komarov culture of the Trzciniec cultural circle. This cemetery is located on the border of the Zhitomir and Khmelnytsky regions of Ukraine, between the Miropol, Kolodyazhnaya an...
作者:S. D. Lysenko , S. N. Razumov
来源:[B].М. Е. Ткачук;; Г. Г. Атанасов2019Stratum出版公司
摘要:In 2018, the Dniester archaeological expedition of the Pridnestrovian State University studied a group of nomadic burials of the Golden Horde time near Glinoe village, Slobodzeya district, on the left bank of the Lower Dniester. One complex stands out, from which the finds o...


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