作者:... Sneha Babele , Karunakar Shukla , S C Mahajan
来源:[J].Current Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2018, pp.254-257
摘要:Tailas or oils are important group of formulations used by Ayurvedic physicians to treat various types of diseases. Mahanarayan massages oils formulation which is used for the treatment of arthritis, Paralysis, and other joint related disorders. It also helps to stimulate the int...
作者:Obed Ullah Khan , Alok Sharma , S C Mahajan
来源:[J].Current Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2018, pp.117-119
摘要:Oil massage advantageous to the newborn are those related to the oil application and those related to tactile kinesthetic stimulation due to the massage. Topical oil use has been shown to improve the skin barrier function, thermoregulation and also shows to have a positive effect...
作者:... Alok Sharma , Karunakar Shukla , S C Mahajan
来源:[J].Current Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2016, pp.63-67
摘要:Ayurveda is an ancient science of life, based on its unique principles of health and diseases. Ayurvedic formulations are safe but adulteration and substitution reduce the quality so the therapeutic efficacy of the formulation also decreases, hence standardization is essential. S...


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