作者:Ryan Scoats
来源:[J].Journal of Adolescent Research, 2017, Vol.32 (3), pp.323-345Sage国际出版集团
摘要:Central to debates about the construction of masculinity in sociology is the influence of culture and what constitutes acceptable displays of masculinity. This article adopts a novel approach in examining this question. It adopts a summative content analysis, combined with a...
作者:Ryan Scoats , Lauren J Joseph , Eric Anderson
来源:[J].Sexualities, 2018, Vol.21 (1-2), pp.30-48Sage国际出版集团
摘要:In this qualitative research, conducted on 30 gay-friendly, heterosexual, undergraduate men, we examine actual and hypothetical experiences of sexual threesomes, both with two women and one man (FFM), and two men and one woman (MMF). We show a cultural willingness for heterosexua...
作者:... Adam White , Ryan Scoats , Eric Anderson
来源:[J].Sociological Research Online, 2016, Vol.21 (3), pp.1-14Sage国际出版集团
摘要:The research uses discourse analysis, and inclusive masculinity theory, in order to explore and explain the construction of esteemed and subjugated masculinities within the context of Australia's National Rugby League's (NRL) Footy Show. Results suggest that despite previous rese...


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