作者:Ravi Kumar , Reeta . ...
来源:[J].International Journal of Current Pharmaceutical Research, 2017, Vol.9 (5), pp.198-200
摘要:Objective: The present investigation evaluated in vitro anti-inflammatory activity of Phyllanthus fraternus. Inhibition of Cyclooxygenase and 5-lipoxygenase was performed along with protein denaturation.Methods: Alcoholic extract of plant was subjected to in vitro anti-inflammato...
作者:Manish Pal Singh , Ravi Kumar
来源:[J].Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research, 2018, Vol.11 (9), pp.37-41
摘要:Shorea robusta is regarded as an important medicine in Ayurveda. S. robusta Gaertn. f. belongs to family Dipterocarpaceae, and traditionally, it is used to treat wounds, ulcers, leprosy, cough, gonorrhea, earache, and headache and many more. The use of different parts of this pla...
作者:Ravi Kumar , Vandana K. E.
来源:[J].International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2015, Vol.7 (5), pp.313-316
摘要:Objective: Lantana camaraL (L. c) has been known for its anti-bacterial activity since quite some time in its various extracts and pharmacological preparations. In view of this, we plan to study and compare the wound healing property of tincture of L. cin surgically induced ...


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