来源:[J].Contemporary Readings in Law and Social Justice, 2018, Vol.10 (2), pp.100-106Addleton学术出版社
摘要:Following recent research on the #MeToo social media campaign, we have identified and provided empirical evidence on how sexual objectification may entail institutional power imbalances in organizations. Using and replicating data from Barna, Bucknell Institute for Public Policy,...
来源:[J].Economics, Management, and Financial Markets, 2019, Vol.14 (1), pp.44-49Addleton学术出版社
摘要:Following recent research on the impact of automation on employment, we have identified and provided empirical evidence on the relationship between cognitive technologies, knowledge production, and economic growth. Using and repli- cating data from Deloitte, Ericsson Consume...
作者:Glenn Eysenck , Pavol Durana
来源:[J].American Journal of Medical Research, 2019, Vol.6 (1), pp.31-36Addleton学术出版社
摘要:Research evidence suggests that wearable devices bring in groundbreakingcapabilities to the provision of healthcare. Using and replicating data from Accenture,AT and T, BCG, IDC, PAC, Statista, and Zebra Technologies, we performed analyses andmade estimates regarding percent allo...
作者:Harriet Rodney , Katarina Valaskova , Pavol Durana
来源:[J].Psychosociological Issues in Human Resource Management, 2019, Vol.7 (1), pp.42-47Addleton学术出版社
摘要:Despite the relevance of the artificial intelligence recruitment process, onlylimited research has been conducted on this topic. Using and replicating data from the BostonConsulting Group, CV Library, LinkedIn, MIT Sloan Management Review, Software Advice,Statista, and Tractica, ...
作者:... Pavol Kral , Pavol Durana , Tomas Krulicky
来源:[J].Journal of Self-Governance and Management Economics, 2019, Vol.7 (2), pp.7-12Addleton学术出版社
摘要:This article reviews recent literature concerning Industry 4.0-basedmanufacturing systems. Building our argument by drawing on data collected fromBCG, Deloitte, PwC, and Statista, we performed analyses and made estimates regardingIndustry 4.0 across the value chain (%), revenues ...
作者:Natalia A. Zhuravleva , Elvira Nica , Pavol Durana
来源:[J].Geopolitics, History, and International Relations, 2019, Vol.11 (2), pp.41-47Addleton学术出版社
摘要:We inspect the relevant literature on sustainable smart cities, providingboth quantitative evidence on trends and numerous in-depth empirical examples.The data used for this study was obtained and replicated from previous researchconducted by ESI ThoughtLab, McKinsey, and Os...


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