作者:Nandu Jith P. J. , Akshay Pal
来源:[J].Journal of Aerospace Engineering & Technology, 2015, Vol.4 (3)STM期刊出版社
摘要:The research on creating a smooth seamless wing which can literally morph its shape in mid-flight like birds has been in progress for many years. Such a wing will greatly enhance the flying capabilities of a normal aircraft. The wing can be morphed at different speeds to increase...
作者:Nandu Jith P. J.
来源:[J].Research & Reviews : Journal of Space Science & Technology, 2014, Vol.3 (2)STM期刊出版社
摘要:Solar sails were created as a new form of satellite propulsion which uses the radiation pressure of the light from the stars or a laser to push?ultrathin mirrors to high speeds. The new design incorporates ablative laser propulsion for trajectory changing of the probe at a d...


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