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作者:Ondřej Novák , Michal Petrů , Aleš Lufinka
来源:[J].Vibroengineering PROCEDIA, 2017, Vol.11, pp.107-111
摘要:This article focuses on the analysis of the properties of the car strut used to capture the engine torque reaction generated during fast acceleration. There is described the methodology of measuring the parameters needed to assess the force effect and also a simulation of the pro...
作者:David Krčmařík , Michal Petrů , Jan Kočí
来源:[J].Vibroengineering PROCEDIA, 2019, Vol.26, pp.68-73
摘要:The article deals with a novel method of visualizing interior of an object based on the measurements made on the boundary. Although an electrical impedance tomography is well established in areas where reference measurement can be easily made (difference method), it is still rath...


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