作者:Masafumi Koshiyama
来源:[J].Womens Health – Open Journal, 2017, Vol.3 (1)Openventio出版社
摘要:Objective: To investigate the management and safety of cesarean hysterectomy using common iliac artery balloon occlusion (CIABO) for placenta percreta/increta/accreta. Patients and Methods: We performed 4 cesarean hysterectomies at 33-36 weeks of gestation. All 4 patients had und...
作者:Masafumi Koshiyama
来源:[J].Womens Health – Open Journal, 2017, Vol.3 (2)Openventio出版社
摘要:Several body systems, including the circulatory system, lymphatic system and kidneys, help maintain the appropriate balance of fluids in the body. A problem with any of these systems can contribute to the retention of fluid. Leg and foot edema, caused by the accumulation of fluid...
作者:Masafumi Koshiyama
来源:[J].Womens Health – Open Journal, 2016, Vol.2 (1)Openventio出版社
摘要:Traditionally, Japanese women endure labor pain. They are then pleased by the sense of accomplishment after a successful vaginal childbirth, a concept based on the Japanese Buddhism. Therefore, Japanese midwives place importance on the process and devote care for pregnant wo...


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