Inderscience 出版公司
作者:Souni Bélanger , Sophie Veilleux , Maripier Tremblay
来源:[J].Int. J. of Product Development, 2016, Vol.21 (2/3), pp.190-211Inderscience 出版公司
摘要:If creativity and innovation are viewed as assets in any business, they represent for some a key survival factor imposed by their industry on a daily basis. In such a context of continuous innovation, the pace of innovation is accelerated. This paper focuses on how creativity hel...
作者:Maripier Tremblay , Frank Janssen ...
来源:[J].Int. J. of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, 2014, Vol.18 (2/3), pp.95-114Inderscience 出版公司
摘要:The purpose of this study is to compare the entrepreneurial intentions of university students in North Africa (Algeria) with those of students in Canada and Europe (France and Belgium), and to examine differences with regard to psychological, sociocultural and economic factors in...


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