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作者:Marco A. Meggiolaro , Jaime T. Pinho de Castro ...
来源:[J].Fracture and Structural Integrity, 2017, Vol.11 (41), pp.98 - 105
摘要:Fatigue design routines and computer codes must use some damage accumulation rule to deal with variable amplitude loadings (VAL), usually Palmgren-Miner (or Miner㒒s) linear rule for lack of a clearly better option. Nevertheless, fatigue lives are intrinsically sensitive to t...
作者:Marco A. Meggiolaro , Jaime T. Pinho de Castro , H. Wu
来源:[J].Fracture and Structural Integrity, 2017, Vol.11 (41), pp.1 - 7
摘要:The recently proposed multiaxial racetrack filter (MRF) is able to deal with general non-proportional multiaxial load histories. While only requiring a single user-defined scalar filter amplitude, the MRF is able to synchronously eliminate non-damaging events from any noisy ...
作者:... Giancarlo L. Gomez Gonzales , Marco A. Meggiolaro , Jose L. de Franca Freire
来源:[J].Fracture and Structural Integrity, 2017, Vol.11 (41), pp.227 - 235
摘要:Redundant data obtained under quasi-constant {DK, Kmax} loading conditions is used to verify if the effective stress intensity factor (SIF) range DKeff = Kmax - Kop is indeed the fatigue crack driving force. The crack opening SIF Kop is measured along the entire crack path on DC(...
作者:Veronica M. Machado , Jaime T. Pinho de Castro , Marco A. Meggiolaro
来源:[J].Fracture and Structural Integrity, 2017, Vol.11 (41), pp.236 - 244
摘要:The behavior of short cracks that depart from elastoplastic notch tips is modeled to estimate the stresses required to initiate and to propagate cracks in notched structural components, and to evaluate the size of tolerable crack-like defects under general loading conditions. Thi...
作者:Samuel E. Ferreira , Jaime T. Pinho de Castro , Marco A. Meggiolaro
来源:[J].Fracture and Structural Integrity, 2017, Vol.11 (41), pp.129 - 138
摘要:Elber's hypothesis that ? Keff can be assumed as the driving force for fatigue crack growth (FCG) is the basis for strip-yield models widely used to predict fatigue lives under variable amplitude loads, although it does not explain all load sequence effects observed in practice. ...


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