作者:M. V. Elnikov , I. R. Tihomolova (Zaporozhye , Ukraine)
来源:[B].С. Г. Бочаров (Казань;; Россия);; В. Франсуа (Экс-ан-Прованс;; Франция);; А. Г. Ситдиков (Казань;; Россия)2017Stratum出版公司
摘要:The authors discuss characteristic features of the relief decoration ceramics collected from the Bolshie Kuchugury hillfort in the Lower Dnieper region. The ratio of groups of this ceramics tells about existence of close ties between Bolshie Kuchugury and towns in the South-Easte...
作者:M. V. Elnikov
来源:[B].М. Е. Ткачук;; Г. Г. Атанасов2019Stratum出版公司
摘要:The Konskie Vody hillfort, located on the “northern section” of the Crimean Ulus, was identified on the basis of the data from the “Kniga Bolshomu Chertezhu” (“Book of Great Sketch”). Written sources and cartographic material of the 17th — early 20th centuries allo...


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