Gruppo Italiano Frattura
作者:Les P. Pook , Filippo Berto , Alberto Campagnolo
来源:[J].Fracture and Structural Integrity, 2016, Vol.10 (37), pp.108 - 113
摘要:The linear elastic analysis of homogeneous, isotropic cracked bodies is a Twentieth Century development. It was recognised that the crack tip stress field is a singularity, but it was not until the introduction of the essentially two dimensional stress intensity factor conce...
作者:Filippo Berto , A. Campagnolo , Les P. Pook
来源:[J].Fracture and Structural Integrity, 2015, Vol.9 (33), pp.17 - 24
摘要:The existence of three-dimensional effects at cracks has been known for many years, but understanding has been limited, and for some situations still is. Understanding improved when the existence of corner point singularities and their implications became known. Increasingly powe...
作者:Les P. Pook
来源:[J].Fracture and Structural Integrity, 2007, Vol.1 (1), pp.12 - 18
摘要:It is well known that many engineering structures and components, as well as consumer items,contain cracks or crack_like flaws. It is widely recognised that crack growth must be considered both in design and in the analysis of failures. The complete solution of a crack growth pro...


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