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作者:... Mohammad Danish , Kaushik Saha , Vinayak Ranjan
来源:[J].Vibroengineering PROCEDIA, 2018, Vol.21, pp.125-130JVE
摘要:To get better understanding of vortex shedding mechanism, we conducted numerical simulation on NACA 4418 hydrofoil at an angle of attack of 12° for 2D incompressible flow. The numerical method consists of transient, finite volume method using Transient SST turbulent model to...
作者:Srijna Singh , Mohammad Danish , Kaushik Saha
来源:[J].Vibroengineering PROCEDIA, 2019, Vol.29, pp.159-164JVE
摘要:This study focuses on the comparison of the performance of two unsymmetrical hydrofoils, NACA 4424 and MHKF-240 at 60 angle of attack under cavitation. The Schnerr and Sauer cavitation model along with Realizable k - ε turbulence model is used for numerical computation in co...


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