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作者:Kalina Stefanova , Pavlinka Dobrilova , Stefan Velikov
来源:[J].Educational Alternatives, 2018, Vol.16 (1), pp.309-313Info Invest公司
摘要:The increasing needs of the population for a health care, increasing the prestige of the nursing profession, and the application of modern approaches to health care require the introduction of new information and communication technologies (ICT) in the education and the organizat...
作者:... Iveta Marinova , Pavlinka Dobrilova , Kalina Stefanova
来源:[J].Educational Alternatives, 2014, Vol.12 (1), pp.575-580Info Invest公司
摘要:Most universities in Bulgaria use standard teaching methods that have been developed and implemented in education for years. Although they are effective and successful on the whole, today’s students need a modern approach to teaching and presentation of the material. The aim...
作者:Galya Т. Yankova , Pavlinka P. Dobrilova , Kalina Stefanova
来源:[J].Educational Alternatives, 2018, Vol.16 (1), pp.294-302Info Invest公司
摘要:The quality and his appraisal are in the center of the modern management of the educational process. Quality is present in the mission, objectives and tasks of every university. The student opinion is one of the main indicators about the quality of training. Students with th...


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