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作者:Mathilde M. van Ditmars , Nicola Maggini , Joost van Spanje
来源:[J].West European Politics, 2020, Vol.43 (3), pp.543-564Taylor & Francis
摘要:Abstract(#br)This article analyses party strategies during the campaign for the Dutch general election of March 2017, making use of issue-yield theory. It investigates whether parties strategically emphasise high-yield issues, by juxtaposing the issue opportunities provided ...
作者:Joost Van Spanje , Hajo G. Boomgaarden ...
来源:[J].Journal of Political Marketing, 2013, Vol.12 (1), pp.100-120Taylor & Francis
摘要:Do political actors communicate effectively during electoral campaigns? We introduce a novel concept in electoral research, the “ perceived effectiveness of political parties' election campaigns .” This evaluation concentrates on the extent to which a party is seen as gettin...
作者:Pieterjan Desmet , Joost van Spanje , Claes de Vreese
来源:[J].Journal of European Public Policy, 2012, Vol.19 (7), pp.1071-1088Taylor & Francis
摘要:The extent to which democracy functions successfully in the European Union is a hotly debated issue. Some citizens feel that EU democracy functions well as it is, whereas others perceive a democratic deficit. Which factors contribute to this variation in opinion? In this paper, w...
作者:Rens Vliegenthart , Hajo G. Boomgaarden , Joost Van Spanje
来源:[J].Journal of Elections, Public Opinion & Parties, 2012, Vol.22 (3), pp.315-358Taylor & Francis
摘要:Explanations of the performance of Western European anti-immigrant parties feature prominently in the literature on electoral behaviour and the mass media have been introduced as an important explanatory variable in these analyses. In this article we advance our understanding of ...
作者:Nicole Bolleyer , Joost van Spanje , Alex Wilson
来源:[J].West European Politics, 2012, Vol.35 (5), pp.971-998Taylor & Francis
摘要:Previous studies suggest, and common wisdom holds, that government participation is detrimental for new parties. This paper argues that the opposite is true. Drawing on a large-N analysis (111 parties in 16 countries) in combination with two case studies, it demonstrates that new...
作者:... Rachid Azrout , Joost van Spanje , Claes H. de Vreese
来源:[J].Journal of Political Marketing, 2013, Vol.12 (1), pp.8-28Taylor & Francis
摘要:It is an open question why news media cover political campaigns the way they do. Framing elections in terms of conflict or strategy or focusing on horse-race framing and the role media and journalists themselves play in elections is commonplace, but this study investigates the fa...
作者:Joost Van Spanje , Wouter Van Der Brug
来源:[J].West European Politics, 2007, Vol.30 (5), pp.1022-1040Taylor & Francis
摘要:During the past three decades, anti-immigration parties have emerged all over Western Europe. Some of them have been treated like any other party by their mainstream opponents and a few have even become members of governing coalitions (e.g., the Austrian FPÖ). Other such par...


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