作者:... Di Xia , Jürgen Götz , Frédéric A Meunier
来源:[J].eLife, 2019, Vol.8eLife科学出版社
摘要:The Src kinase Fyn plays critical roles in memory formation and Alzheimer’s disease. Its targeting to neuronal dendrites is regulated by Tau via an unknown mechanism. As nanoclustering is essential for efficient signaling, we used single-molecule tracking to characterize the...
作者:Harrison Tudor Evans , Liviu-Gabriel Bodea , Jürgen Götz
来源:[J].eLife, 2020, Vol.9eLife科学出版社
摘要:The formation of spatial long-term memory (LTM) requires the de novo synthesis of distinct sets of proteins; however, a non-biased examination of the de novo proteome in this process is lacking. Here, we generated a novel mouse strain, which enables cell-type-specific labelling o...
作者:... Bernard W Balleine , Jürgen Götz , Jesus Bertran-Gonzalez
来源:[J].eLife, 2017, Vol.6eLife科学出版社
摘要:The acquisition of motor skills involves implementing action sequences that increase task efficiency while reducing cognitive loads. This learning capacity depends on specific cortico-basal ganglia circuits that are affected by normal ageing. Here, combining a series of novel beh...


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