作者:Guangjun He , Qifang He
来源:[J].Mathematical Problems in Engineering(IF 1.383), 2019, Vol.2019Hindawi
摘要:To effectively intercept a low-altitude target in clutter background, a nonsingular fast terminal sliding mode guidance law is designed. The designed guidance law can fully exploit the fast convergence characteristics of linear sliding mode control and the finite-time-convergent ...
作者:Guangjun He , Xingge Li
来源:[J].Mathematical Problems in Engineering(IF 1.383), 2019, Vol.2019Hindawi
摘要:Aiming at the problem that the accuracy and stability of SINS/BDS integrated navigation system decrease due to uncertain model and observation anomalies, a SINS/BDS integrated navigation method based on classified weighted adaptive filtering is proposed. Firstly, the innovation c...
作者:Guangjun He , Wang Man
来源:[J].Journal of Sensors, 2017, Vol.2017Hindawi
摘要:Snow depth and Snow Water Equivalence (SWE) are important parameters for hydrological applications. In this application, a theoretical method of snow depth estimation with repeat-pass InSAR measurements was proposed, and a preliminary sensitivity analysis of snow phase changes ve...
作者:... Yan Zhao , Guangjun He , Paul Williams
来源:[J].International Journal of Aerospace Engineering, 2017, Vol.2017Hindawi
摘要:In this paper, a novel simplified neural control strategy is proposed for the longitudinal dynamics of an air-breathing hypersonic vehicle (AHV) directly using nonaffine models instead of affine ones. For the velocity dynamics, an adaptive neural controller is devised based on a ...


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