作者:Grațiela Sion
来源:[J].American Journal of Medical Research, 2019, Vol.6 (1), pp.55-60Addleton学术出版社
摘要:This article reviews and advances existing literature concerning the advancementof artificial intelligence-based technologies in medicine. Using and replicating datafrom McKinsey and Co., PwC, Statista, and YouGov/Trustmarque, I performed analyses andmade estimates regarding...
作者:Grațiela Sion
来源:[J].Review of Contemporary Philosophy, 2019, Vol.18, pp.150-156Addleton学术出版社
摘要:I draw on a substantial body of theoretical and empirical research on theproduction and consumption of selfies on photo-sharing social media platforms, and toexplore this, I inspected, used, and replicated survey data from BLS, FHEHealth, and GfK,performing analyses and making es...
作者:Grațiela Sion
来源:[J].Geopolitics, History, and International Relations, 2019, Vol.11 (2), pp.69-75Addleton学术出版社
摘要:I inspect the relevant literature on smart city big data analytics,providing both quantitative evidence on trends and numerous in-depth empirical examples.Building my argument by drawing on data collected from ESI ThoughtLab,KPMG, McKinsey, and Osborne Clarke, I performed an...


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