作者:Camillo Nuti , Gabriele Fiorentino
来源:[J].NED University Journal of Research, 2019, pp.21 - 30
摘要:The Leaning Bell Tower of Pisa has been included in the list of the World Heritage Sites by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization since 1987. Over the last twenty years, the Tower has successfully undergone a number of interventions to reduce its inclin...
作者:Bruno Briseghella , Fuyun Huang , Gabriele Fiorentino
来源:[J].NED University Journal of Research, 2019, pp.1 - 20
摘要:Integral abutment bridges (IABs) are becoming rather common due to the durability problems of bearings and expansion joints. Monolithic connections between the deck and sub-structure allow, on one side, to increase the structure redundancy and reduce the maintenance costs. Howeve...


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