Diagnosis Press期刊
作者:Elsayed Elsayed Hafez , Ahmed A. Abdelkhalek ...
来源:[J].Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment(IF 0.622), 2013, Vol.27 (5), pp.4061-4068
摘要:Leek (Allium porrum) has become one of the major leafy vegetable crops in Egypt and all over the world. Iris yellow spot virus (IYSV) was observed on leek plants in eight different governorates in Egypt, in fields near to onion fields. The symptoms in infected leek plants include...
作者:Elsayed Elsayed Hafez , Dalia Gamil Aseel , Saad Mostafa
来源:[J].Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment(IF 0.622), 2013, Vol.27 (6), pp.4222-4226
摘要:Viral coat protein gene was detected in thirty isolates of different soil-borne fungi, using cotton leaf curl coat protein specific primers (geminiviruses). Out of them, seven fungal isolates showed positive results (a band with a molecular size of 680 bp). The products amplified...


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