作者:E. P. Kitov , R. S. Mussayeva
来源:[J].Stratum plus. Археология и культурная антропология, 2019, Vol.4Stratum出版公司
摘要:The article provides data analysis of the weapon system from the Late Sarmatian burial grounds of Western Kazakhstan and Ustyurt. The statistical sample includes 315 burials from burial mounds and ritual burial structures. Weapon items, such as swords, daggers, fighting bime...
作者:E. P. Kitov , A. A. Khokhlov , P. S. Medvedeva
来源:[J].Stratum plus. Археология и культурная антропология, 2018, Vol.2Stratum出版公司
摘要:The paper is devoted to the analysis of craniological materials from the cemeteries of the Bronze Age of the Volga-Ural region (Sintashta and Potapovo assemblages). The characteristic feature of the physical appearance of this population is the combination of different morph...
作者:E. P. Kitov , A. A. Khokhlov , S. S. Ivanov
来源:[J].Stratum plus. Археология и культурная антропология, 2019, Vol.3Stratum出版公司
摘要:The study is devoted to traumatic injuries on the crania of the early nomads of the Volga-Ural region. According to the results of the analysis it can be noted that a small number of injuries together with no stress indicators suggest a safe existence of the population of the ear...
作者:A. A. Khokhlov , E. P. Kitov , A. I. Nechvaloda
来源:[J].Stratum plus, 2016, Vol.2Stratum出版公司
摘要:The paper deals with cranial remains from the cemeteries of the Yamnaya (Pit-grave) and Sintashta archaeological cultures investigated in the areas directly adjacent to the fortified settlement Arkaim, which belongs to the Chelyabinsk State Historical and Cultural Reserve «A...
作者:V. N. Yagodin , E. P. Kitov , V. V. Yagodin
来源:[J].Stratum plus, 2017, Vol.4Stratum出版公司
摘要:In the 1980s—1990s, a group headed by Vadim Yagodin studied a group of cemeteries belonging to the early nomads on the Ustyurt territory. Kazybaba I cemetery is one of the most representative ones and consists of seven kurgan groups. A complex study of all the kurgans allowe...
作者:A. A. Khokhlov , E. P. Kitov
来源:[J].Stratum plus. Археология и культурная антропология, 2019, Vol.2Stratum出版公司
摘要:The paper focuses on the military traumas in the craniological materials of the Eneolithic and the Early Bronze Age in the Volga-Urals region. Lesions are studied in relation to the types of attack weapons. Statistical analysis of the trauma occurrence and character suggests a ce...


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