Wolters Kluwer期刊
作者:Brian Griffiths , Anvee Bhutani , Creed Stary
来源:[J].Neural Regeneration Research(IF 0.144), 2020, Vol.15 (6), pp.973-979Wolters Kluwer
摘要:The details of adult neurogenesis, including environmental triggers, region specificity, and species homology remain an area of intense investigation. Slowing or halting age-related cognitive dysfunction, or restoring neurons lost to disease or injury represent just a fracti...
作者:Creed Stary , Zhi-hong Jian ...
来源:[J].Neural Regeneration Research(IF 0.144), 2017, Vol.12 (7), pp.1097-1102Wolters Kluwer
摘要:Serum prealbumin is a recognized marker of malnutrition, but its prognostic role in patients with hemorrhagic stroke remains unclear. In this study, we retrospectively reviewed the records of 105 patients with hemorrhagic stroke admitted to Renmin Hospital of Wuhan Universit...


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