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作者:Carolina Plescia , Sylvia Kritzinger , Lorenzo De Sio
来源:[J].Representation, 2019, Vol.55 (4), pp.513-533Taylor & Francis
摘要:ABSTRACT(#br)This paper examines the responsiveness of populist parties to the salience of issues amongst the public focusing on a large number of issues on which parties campaign during elections. The paper investigates both left- and right-wing populist parties comparatively in...
作者:Carolina Plescia , Sylvia Kritzinger , Patricia Oberluggauer
来源:[J].West European Politics, 2020, Vol.43 (3), pp.639-664Taylor & Francis
摘要:Abstract(#br)Parties may rely on different issue agendas when tailoring their electoral campaigns in an attempt to win elections. This paper compares two key party issue strategies to examine which one the victorious Austrian Peoples’ Party (ÖVP) relied on the most during th...
作者:Michael Marsh , Carolina Plescia
来源:[J].Irish Political Studies, 2016, Vol.31 (2), pp.163-181Taylor & Francis
摘要:A bstract (#br)This article explores the sources of weak party-voting patterns in Irish elections, conceptualising this as split-ticket voting. Ireland provides a context where election results show split-ticket voting is common, but the strategic interpretations of such behaviou...
作者:Jorge M. Fernandes , Miguel M. Pereira , Carolina Plescia
来源:[J].Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties, 2016, Vol.26 (3), pp.312-335Taylor & Francis
摘要:ABSTRACT(#br)Do voters behave strategically in local elections? Does democratic experience influence voters’ capacity to behave strategically? Is there a relation between education and voters’ capacity to anticipate the mechanical effects of electoral statutes and adapt thei...


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