作者:Bibekananda Meher
来源:[J].Current Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2017, pp.50-57
摘要:Diabetes mellitus is associated with dyslipidemia. The present study was carried out to evaluate the antidiabetic and hypolipidemic potential of hydro-alcoholic and aqueous seeds extract of Tamarindus indica on Streptozotocin induced diabetic rats. In oral glucose tolerance test ...
作者:Muneesh Kumar , Manisha Rani , Bibekananda Meher
来源:[J].Current Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2017, pp.11-15
摘要:Nowadays there is increasing interest of researchers to explore herbal drugs for health benefits of human as well as animals. Drugs which are obtained from natural sources are pharmacologically potent and have low or no side effects for use in preventive medicine. Cyperus rotundu...
作者:Bibekananda Meher , Anupama Roy
来源:[J].Current Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2016, pp.1-5
摘要:Nowadays obesity is a major health problem all over the worlds especially in developed and developing countries. A person with a BMI equal to or more than 25 is considered overweight. Excess body weight is a result of an imbalance between energy intake and energy expenditure. Obe...


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