Wolters Kluwer期刊
作者:Ana Calvo , Laura Moreno ...
来源:[J].Neural Regeneration Research(IF 0.144), 2020, Vol.15 (6), pp.988-995Wolters Kluwer
摘要:Among collagen members in the collagen superfamily, type XIX collagen has raised increasing interest in relation to its structural and biological roles. Type XIX collagen is a Fibril-Associated Collagen with Interrupted Triple helices member, one main subclass of collagens in thi...
作者:... Sara Barbeito , Juan Becerra-García , Ana Calvo
来源:[J].Acta Medica International, 2017, Vol.4 (1), pp.46-50Wolters Kluwer
摘要:The independent practice of clinical psychology has experimented recent changes. Spain has achieved to regulate the current professional situation of the different figures of clinical psychologists mainly in three arms: 1) by authorizing those psychologists who met the required l...


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