作者:A. R. Malahat , C. Deepa Latha ...
来源:[J].International Journal of Current Pharmaceutical Research, 2017, Vol.9 (5), pp.55-58
摘要:Objective: This study attempts to analyze the severe ADRs in a tertiary care centre and assess their seriousness, outcome, causality and severity. We emphasize on the need for reporting of ADRs by all healthcare professionals as it will reduce the burden of morbidity due to ...
作者:... Deepika Baloju , A. R. Malahat , G. Vijayalakshmi
来源:[J].International Journal of Current Pharmaceutical Research, 2017, Vol.9 (5), pp.64-66
摘要:Objective: To identify fixed drug combinations causing the adverse drug reactions both rational and irrational.Methods: A prospective observational study was carried out over a period of 6 mo (between June 2016 to December 2016) to evaluate adverse drug reactions related to fixed...


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