作者:Christopher F. Carter , David B. Williamson
来源:[J].Algological Studies, 2018, Vol.154, pp.41-91Schweizerbart
摘要:Desmid collections made in September 2015 fromselected areas of Newfoundland are described with the help of line drawings(DBW) and photomicrographs (CFC). The observations usefully augment thosemade by Wm Randolph Taylor in his classic wide-ranging 1933–34 study andconfirm N...
作者:Nicholas J. H. Gellie , John T. Hunter , John S. Benson ...
来源:[J].Phytocoenologia(IF 1), 2018, Vol.48 (3), pp.325-330Schweizerbart
摘要:We respond to Neil Gibson’s reply to our paper “Overview of plot-basedclassification approaches within Australia” where Gibson advised on the locationof plot data held by the Western Australian Department of Biodiversity,Conservation, and Attractions (DBCA). Based on th...
作者:Hannes F. Paulus
来源:[J].Entomologia Generalis(IF 0.214), 2018, Vol.37 (3-4), pp.175-176Schweizerbart
作者:Hanna Bremer
来源:[J].Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie(IF 0.821), 2018, Vol.46 (3), pp.273-291Schweizerbart
摘要:Different combinations of geomorphological field work and laboratory study of weathering materials are presented. The advantages and limitations inherent in the analysis of grain size, heavy minerals, mineral suite by X-ray diffraction, pH values, soil colour, matrix and pores as...
作者:Georg Mayr
来源:[J].Meteorologische Zeitschrift(IF 1.084), 2018, Vol.2 (6), pp.294-294Schweizerbart
摘要:Schröder, W. und H.-J. Treder: Theoretical Concepts and Observational Implications in Meteorology and Geophysics (Selected papers from the IAGA symposium to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Ertel's potential vorticity). - 1993.
作者:Ulrich Schumann
来源:[J].Meteorologische Zeitschrift(IF 1.084), 2018, Vol.6 (6), pp.304-305Schweizerbart
摘要:The clouds often seen to be formed in the wake of aircraft are called condensation trails (Brewer 1946), contrails (Appleman 1953), or Kondensstreifen. Contrails form behind propeller-driven aircraft as well as behind jet aircraft. Contrails often turn over into cirrus cloud...
作者:Karl-Gerd Richter
来源:[J].Meteorologische Zeitschrift(IF 1.084), 2018, Vol.6 (3), pp.143-143Schweizerbart
摘要:Baumgartner, A. und Liebscher, H.-J.: Allgemeine Hydrologie - Quantitative Hydrologie. - Gebr. Borntraeger, Berlin, Stuttgart, 1996.
作者:Rolf Beck , Jürgen Herget , Wolfgang Frisch ...
来源:[J].Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie(IF 0.821), 2018, Vol.46 (4), pp.539-544Schweizerbart
摘要:Castiglioni, G. B. & Pellegrini, G. B. [Hrsg.] (2001): Illustrative Notes Of The Geomorphological Map Of Po Plain (Italy). - Supplementi di Geografia Fisica e Dinamica Qaternaria IV. Comitato Glaciologico Italiano. - Torino; Arbeitskreis für Geomorphologie e. V. (Hrsg.): Ang...
作者:B. Rudolf , H. Hauschild , M. Reiss ...
来源:[J].Meteorologische Zeitschrift(IF 1.084), 2018, Vol.1 (1), pp.72-76Schweizerbart
摘要:Die aus den verschiedenen Auswertemethoden (manuelle bzw. objektive Analyse) und Datenquellen (konventionelle Meßdaten, Satellitenaufnahmen, numerische Wettervorhersagen) abgeleiteten Niederschlagsschätzungen werden als großräumige Flächenmittelwerte miteinander verglic...


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