作者:Detlef Horster
来源:[B].J.B. Metzler2017Springer
摘要:Zussamenfassung Promotion 1954 in Bonn, Habilitation 1961 in Marburg mit der Arbeit Strukturwandel der Öffentlichkeit ; 1961–1964 Professor für Philosophie in Heidelberg, 1964–1971 als Nachfolger Horkheimers in Frankfurt a. M.; 1971–1980 Direktor am Max-Planck-Institut ...
作者:Lenka Franeková , Marie Sedláčková
来源:[B].Springer International Publishing2017Springer
摘要:Abstract Celiac disease (celiac sprue, gluten-sensitive enteropathy) is a chronic inflammatory condition that primarily affects the small intestine mucosa and is clinically manifested by bowel symptoms of various severities. However, it may have also a number of extraintesti...
作者:Eckehard W. Mielke
来源:[B].Mathematical Physics Studies2017Springer
摘要:Abstract The difference between Einstein’s general relativity and its Cartan extension is analyzed classically as well as within the scenario of asymptotic safety of quantum gravity. In particular, we focus on the four-fermion interaction, which distinguishes the Einstein–Ca...
作者:Caroline Day
来源:[B].Geographies of Children and Young People;;Series on youth and entrepreneurship2017Springer
摘要:Abstract Studies of “young carers” in sub-Saharan Africa have increased in recent years. A focus on “children” caring for parents with HIV, and other chronic illnesses, has meant the role of older youth has often been neglected in discussions of caregiving, particularly...
作者:François Soyer
来源:[B].Palgrave Studies in the History of Emotions2017Springer
摘要:Abstract This work analyses the surviving account of one public baptism: that of a single Muslim captive in 1723, who was baptised in Barcelona amidst a sumptuous and elaborate public ceremony that included a procession, military parade, public baptism in the cathedral and was co...
作者:Oliver Stettes
摘要:Zusammenfassung Führung in Teilzeit wird als eine Möglichkeit angesehen, dass auch Führungskräfte private Verpflichtungen mitberuflichen Anforderungen besser in Einklang bringen können. Die empirische Evidenz signalisiert allerdings, dass eineTeilzeitbeschäftigung in Fü...
作者:Viorel Badescu
来源:[B].Studies in Systems, Decision and Control2017Springer
摘要:Abstract Three solar energy applications are considered. Procedures for sizing and optimizing the structure of solar collection systems are proposed. Four economical indices, including net present value and internal return rate, are given as examples of objective functions. In th...
作者:Awadh Al-Badi
来源:[B].Springer International Publishing2017Springer
摘要:Abstract Iran and Saudi Arabia are two major regional powers. Indeed the conflicts in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen (among others) are widely seen as a proxy war between Tehran and Riyadh. Albadi examines the roots of this rivalry between the Islamic Republic and the Kingdom. He ar...
作者:Mark Beattie , Bernard Valman
来源:[B].Springer International Publishing2017Springer
摘要:Abstract How was a journal ‘fit for wrapping fish and chips’ [1] transformed into an international organisation with more than 2000 papers submitted, papers posted online soon after they have been accepted, a wide variety of review articles published for the general reader, ...
作者:Asunción Martínez-Arbelaiz , José Miguel Correa-Gorospe , Estibaliz Aberasturi-Apraiz
来源:[B].Springer Singapore2017Springer
摘要:Abstract Since more and more schools of teacher education all over the world are adding on-line asynchronous discussions to their pre-teaching education requirements, education practitioners need research to gauge their potential contribution to the development of future tea...


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