来源:[J].House Beautiful, 2017, Vol.158 (9), pp.0018-0019ProQuest
摘要:Since it's more nuanced than sweeter, frostier pinks, you can combine it with shades that usually clash - oranges, reds - and pull off a room with amazing vibrancy." Because it both calms and intrigues, it's perfect for a bedroom.
来源:[J].House Beautiful, 2017, Vol.158 (9), pp.0053-0053ProQuest
来源:[J].House Beautiful, 2017, Vol.158 (9), pp.0015-0017ProQuest
摘要:Producer Benjamin reynaert Photographer Stuart Tyson/Studio D Section Editor Kathleen Renda [Photograph]: Studio D/Lara Robby [Photograph]: Studio D/Lara Robby Color [Photograph]: Getty Images Palette Northern Exposure A hush descends as snow-fogged conifers in British Columbia d...
来源:[J].House Beautiful, 2017, Vol.158 (9), pp.0045-0047ProQuest
摘要:Orzo Mac & Cheese Serves 8 2 T butter 1 T olive oil 4 shallots, sliced 2 garlic cloves, sliced 6 sage leaves, torn ¼ cup dry white wine 1Â1/2 cups heavy cream 1 T fresh lemon juice ¼ tsp. fresh grated nutmeg 2 T truffle oil 1 cup coarsely grated extra-sharp cheddar cheese 1¼...
来源:[J].House Beautiful, 2017, Vol.158 (9), pp.0004-0008ProQuest
摘要:Contents December/January 2017 | House Beautiful [Photograph]: Getty Images [Photograph]: Stuart Tyson/Studio D In Every Issue Color Color crush Nordic White Palette Northern Exposure Paint Surprising Hues The Best Gifts Taking inspiration from lush jewel tones, we've assembled t...
来源:[J].House Beautiful, 2017, Vol.158 (9), pp.0104-0104ProQuest
来源:[J].House Beautiful, 2017, Vol.158 (9), pp.0021-0029ProQuest
摘要:[Photograph]: Stuart Tyson/Studio D [Photograph]: Stuart Tyson/Studio D [Photograph]: Stuart Tyson/Studio D [Photograph]: Stuart Tyson/Studio D [Photograph]: Studio D/Stuart Tyson [Photograph]: Stuart Tyson/Studio D [Photograph]: Studio D/Stuart Tyson [Photograph]: Studio D/...
来源:[J].House Beautiful, 2017, Vol.158 (9), pp.0039-0042ProQuest
摘要:Cabinets and Island Since windows flood the space with light, Ralph Lauren Paint's Bone Black "doesn't feel somber," Dove says. Backsplash A posh take on subway tiles, Pratt & Larson crackled ceramic tiles are glazed a pale blue to echo the Benjamin Moore Nelson Blue on the walls...
来源:[J].House Beautiful, 2017, Vol.158 (9), pp.0082-0091ProQuest
摘要:Magnolia wreaths and garlands always make an appearance, and for Christmas Eve dinner there are cheese grits, ham, biscuits, and milk punch alongside the polished silver and my grandmother's china. The aim is to savor the quiet moments with family - even if here in Texas, we some...
来源:[J].House Beautiful, 2017, Vol.158 (9), pp.0076-0081ProQuest
摘要:[Photograph]: Francesco Lagnese Winter Special [Photograph]: Francesco Lagnese Palette Cleanser For his new Manhattan pad, designer Tom Scheerer pared back the decor to focus on his true passion, playing chef and host - proving that style is not in what you have, but how you live...


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