作者:Daniel Creamer , Jonathan Barker , Francisco A. Kerdel
来源:[B].A Colour Handbook2010Manson
摘要:This book aims to serve as a comprehensive reference on acute dermatology and is designed to encourage a structured and thorough clinical technique. The sections have been written so that essential information about each disease is summarised in a clear and concise way. Each con...
作者:Angela Hoye MB, ChB, MRCP , Patrick Serruys MD, PhD, FESC, FACC
来源:[B].Manson Publishing Ltd2010Manson
摘要:This concise and clinically oriented text provides an indispensable straightforward guide to the assessment and classification of coronary lesions, percutaneous therapy of coronary disease and non-coronary intervention. It contains illustrations showing all aspects of adult inter...
作者:William Ley DVM PhD
来源:[B].Equine Made Easy Series2005Manson
摘要:This is a well integrated presentation combining print with CD-ROM technology to provide real time ultrasound studies, step by step procedures for the diagnostic workup, fetal sexing and the procedure for the manual reduction of twins.
作者:Magnus Garrioch , Bosseau Murray
来源:[B].Self-Assessment Colour Review2011Manson
摘要:Contains over 200 illustrated cases in anaesthesiology aimed at senior medical students and anaesthesiologists in training, working in surgery, intensive and critical care. The book covers all aspects of anaesthesiology and the integrated questions are followed by detailed explan...
作者:J. Graham Douglas , Kurtis S. Elward
来源:[B].Manson Publishing Ltd2010Manson
摘要:As the series title implies each Clinician’s Desk Reference will be a practical resource and a daily aid for physicians in the hospital setting and in primary care.Asthma is one of the most important chronic disorders in the developed world. Evidence from around the world sh...
作者:Klaus Dieter Budras DVM PhD , Patrick H. McCarthy DVM PhD
来源:[B].Schluetersche, Germany2007Manson
摘要:This atlas is superbly illustrated throughout with color line diagrams, radiographs and ultrasound scans providing the reader with detailed information on the structure and function of all the body systems and their interactions in the living animal.· Fully illustrated with ...
作者:Klaus Dieter Budras DVM PhD , W. O. Sack DVM PhD
来源:[B].Schluetersche, Germany2008Manson
摘要:A revised edition of a very successful book. The new edition contains new chapters on the eye, abdomen, female reproduction, ultrasonography and orthopaedics. The atlas is superbly illustrated throughout with colour drawings, photographs, and radiographs providing the reader wi...
作者:J. Graham Douglas , Kurtis S. Elward
来源:[B].Manson Publishing Ltd2010Manson
摘要:This book, which is the first of the series of Clinician’s Desk Reference, has been written for healthcare professionals caring for patients with asthma, in primary care and in hospital. Current evidence-based guidelines have been used and the text is illustrated with a larg...
作者:Sameeh Abuterbuch BVSc MvetSc ABVP DACVIM , James Carmalt MA VetMB MVetSc MRCVS DABVP DACVS
来源:[B].Equine Made Easy Series2008Manson
摘要:This edition to the Equine Made Series provides detailed, easy to read guidelines for performance of common endoscopic procedures in the horse. It includes step-by-step guidelines endoscopy of the upper airway, gastrointestinal, urinary and reproductive systems. A detailed sect...
作者:Anthony Knight BVSc MS MRCVS , Richard Walter BSAH MABtny
来源:[B].Teton NewMedia, Inc2001Manson
摘要:A definitive guide to the clinical assessment, management and prevention of plant poisoning in domestic animals. Accurate Identification of plant materials through the use of 253 high quality color illustrations placed as needed throughout the text. Organized into sections acco...


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