作者:Yedda Bauer , Dorothy Wheeler
来源:[J].Progress of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 2018, Vol.1 (2)Whioce Publishing
摘要:Electrical and electronic experiment teaching plays an important role in cultivating students in electrical majors. To this end, we must reform the traditional experimental teaching methods. Electric and electronic experiment teaching body Some measures to reform the teaching mod...
作者:Fathi Pelen , Michell Bellamy
来源:[J].Progress of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 2018, Vol.1 (2)Whioce Publishing
摘要:Experimental teaching is the main means to improve students 'practical ability and independent innovation ability, and open laboratory is the most basic teaching and scientific research environment for cultivating innovative ability and compound talents[1,2]. In order to meet the...
作者:Rajesh Kumar
来源:[J].Progress of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 2018, Vol.1 (2)Whioce Publishing
摘要:To realize the teaching goals in cultivating students’ability of conducting self-study,freely implementing of knowl- edge,developing scientific research skills,establishing team collaborative spirit,nurturing the innovative capacity and comprehensive quality,four universitie...
作者:Delia Gaskell , Mosleh Abualhaj
来源:[J].Genetic Disease Study, 2018, Vol.2 (1)Whioce Publishing
摘要:The CRISPR/Cas9 system provides a powerful technique for targeted gene editing. Using sequence-specific sgRNA guidance, the CRISPR/Cas9 system can accurately introduce double-stranded incisions into the exact location of the target DNA. At present, a large number of CRISSR/Cas9 g...
作者:Periyasamy Mondal , Neeraj Acharya
来源:[J].Genetic Disease Study, 2018, Vol.2 (2)Whioce Publishing
摘要:Many phenotypic traits of the human body and their susceptibility to drugs and diseases may be associated with some genetic loci or associated with genes that contain multiple loci. Whole genome association analysis (GWAS) is a hot spot in the analysis of genetic disease loci. In...
作者:Huaqing Wei , Gangnan Wu
来源:[J].Genetic Disease Study, 2018, Vol.2 (1)Whioce Publishing
摘要:The mutation genetic material, including genetic mutations or chromosome aberration, is the source of genetic disease happen, is also different from other diseases of the basic characteristics. Vigorously developing test and genetic screening, timely detection genetic diseas...
作者:Lawrence Noyes , Chiara Palacios , Reginald Finn
来源:[J].Genetic Disease Study, 2018, Vol.2 (1)Whioce Publishing
摘要:With the development of the Human Genome Project, many methods have been applied in this field. Since the 1990s, large-scale scanning and mapping of base circles have been established and developed by combining linkage analysis with automation in genomes. At present, it has becom...
作者:Eden Edgeworth , Indadul Naya
来源:[J].Genetic Disease Study, 2018, Vol.2 (2)Whioce Publishing
摘要:With the special intention to introduce the most widely adopted phylogenetic analysis human mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) studi,the history of the reconstruction of mt DNA phylogny was reviewed. And the applications of human mtDNA phylogeny in studying human evolution, estimating the...
作者:Marico Wagner , Daphne Benjamin
来源:[J].Genetic Disease Study, 2018, Vol.2 (2)Whioce Publishing
摘要:At present, there are still a lot of diseases pathogenesis not clear, but making use of a new generation of sequencing technology to organisms conduct whole genome sequencing, which for the pathogenesis of many diseases provide a new theoretical basis. So, Which aspects the whole...
作者:Edward Nehemiah , Armand Kennan
来源:[J].Genetic Disease Study, 2018, Vol.2 (1)Whioce Publishing
摘要:Bovine genomic DNA mutations and their genetic effects on gene expression and protein function influence disease susceptibility and resistance of cattle. The genetic loci related to cattle diseases are mainly divided into two types: single-locus-disease genes and multigenic-disea...


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