Wolters Kluwer期刊
作者:Marie A. Walter , Mary S. Alvarado
来源:[J].MCN, The American Journal of Maternal/Child Nursing(IF 0.897), 2018, Vol.43 (1), pp.6-12Wolters Kluwer
摘要:ABSTRACT: It is estimated that 750,000 to 1,000,000 miscarriages occur every year in the United States. Women experiencing a miscarriage enter the healthcare system in a variety of ways. A family may be seen for a miscarriage in the prenatal clinic, the emergency department, same...
作者:Joy Washburn
来源:[J].Journal of Christian Nursing, 2018, Vol.35 (1), pp.18-25Wolters Kluwer
摘要:ABSTRACT:: Nurses are key people who interact with victims of human trafficking in healthcare and other settings. This article provides a current overview of human trafficking, explains legal definitions, elements for protocols in healthcare settings when trafficking is suspected...
作者:Rita H. Pickler
来源:[J].Nursing Research(IF 1.556), 2018, Vol.67 (1), pp.1-2Wolters Kluwer
作者:Michael Levin-Epstein
来源:[J].Journal of Clinical Engineering, 2018, Vol.43 (1), pp.2-2Wolters Kluwer
作者:Tanya Mailhot , Patrick Lavoie , Marc-André Maheu-Cadotte ...
来源:[J].Nursing Research(IF 1.556), 2018, Vol.67 (1), pp.43-48Wolters Kluwer
摘要:BACKGROUND: Measuring engagement and other reactions of patients and health professionals to e-health and e-learning interventions remains a challenge for researchers. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this pilot study was to assess the feasibility and acceptability of using a wireless ...
作者:Marie-Eve Poitras , Maud-Christine Chouinard , Frances Gallagher ...
来源:[J].Nursing Research(IF 1.556), 2018, Vol.67 (1), pp.35-42Wolters Kluwer
摘要:BACKGROUND: Nurses in primary care organizations play a central role for patients with chronic disease. Lack of clarity in role description may be associated with underutilization of nurse competencies that could benefit the growing population of patients with chronic diseas...
作者:Padmaja K. Rani , Isha Gulati , Harsha Laxmana Rao ...
来源:[J].Retinal Cases & Brief Reports, 2018, Vol.12 (1), pp.33-35Wolters Kluwer
摘要:PURPOSE:: To describe a new surgical technique in the management of malignant glaucoma in phakic eyes. METHODS:: We performed 25-gauge pars plana vitrectomy with anterior irido-zonulo-hyaloido-vitrectomy in 2 young phakic patients with malignant glaucoma after trabeculectomy. Thi...
来源:[J].Journal of Christian Nursing, 2018, Vol.35 (1), pp.66-67Wolters Kluwer


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