作者:Colin Davis
来源:[J].Glossa: a journal of general linguistics, 2020, Vol.5 (1)
摘要:This paper investigates the distribution of stranding in intermediate positions under A′-movement, which I show obeys a cross-linguistically robust word order generalization: leftward movement of a phrase α can only intermediately strand an element β if β can be ordered...
作者:Konrad Piotrowski
来源:[J].Psychologica Belgica, 2020, Vol.60 (1), pp.55-72
摘要:Parental identity formation may be a factor of the utmost importance in helping us to understand the mechanisms of adaptation to parenthood. However, our knowledge regarding the processes involved in the development of parental identity is very limited. In the present study the r...
作者:Daniel Harbour
来源:[J].Glossa: a journal of general linguistics, 2020, Vol.5 (1)
摘要:Conjunctions of paucals trigger either paucal or plural agreement. The choice is semantic, not syntactic, and therefore argues against syntactic feature calculuses for conjunction resolution.
作者:Matthew Spriggs
来源:[J].Bulletin of the History of Archaeology, 2020, Vol.30 (1)
摘要:This paper challenges the oft-repeated conventional story of the beginning of ‘modern’ Australian archaeology, seen as the era of the professional archaeologist that succeeded an undisciplined phase of indiscriminate collecting of skulls and stone artefacts by ‘amateurs...
作者:Benjamin Bruening
来源:[J].Glossa: a journal of general linguistics, 2020, Vol.5 (1)
摘要:The DP Hypothesis has recently come under intense criticism (Bruening 2009, Bruening et al. 2018). In the face of this criticism, several responses have been offered. This paper addresses three such responses and shows that they are without force. First, N-to-D movement is not ne...
作者:Maryam Jami
来源:[J].Glocality, 2020, Vol.3 (1)
摘要:The Taliban is one of the Islamic fundamentalist movements formed in the early 1990s by an Afghan faction of Mujahedeen, the Islamist fighters who had fought against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan which took place in December 1979 and continued up to February 1989. The Tali...
作者:Daniel Movilla Vega
来源:[J].Architectural Histories, 2020, Vol.8 (1)
摘要:In the USSR, against the backdrop of political change and social instability in the 1920s, the issue of housing for the masses was addressed by the Association of Contemporary Architects (OSA), under the leadership of Moisey Ginzburg. Their mission was not only to provide a ...
作者:Ali Jan Damani
来源:[J].Ancient Asia, 2020, Vol.11
摘要:Who among the orientalists can tell you about the Nizārī Ismā’īlī mission in the Indian Subcontinent with utmost historical conviction? Owing to the paucity of authentic historical documents, scholars have generally kept their face turned towards the Ismā’īlī histo...
作者:Maywa Montenegro de Wit
来源:[J].Elem Sci Anth, 2020, Vol.8 (1)
摘要:Many trends in agricultural biotechnology have extended fluidly from the first era of genetic modification using recombinant DNA techniques to the era of gene editing. But the high-profile, explicit, and assertive discourse of democratization with gene editing — especially C...


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