来源:[J].Israel Studies, 2020, Vol.25 (1), pp.47-72
摘要:The UN General Assembly's 1975 “Zionism is Racism” resolution culminated a decades-long shift in global power dynamics. The Israeli Foreign Ministry's internal debates about how forcefully to oppose the resolution shows to what extent Soviet propagandists had stirred Holocau...
来源:[J].Israel Studies, 2020, Vol.25 (1), pp.149-173
摘要:The article examines the shifting discourse associated with the participation of American volunteers in the nascent Israel Defense Forces. Although the volunteers were officially commended by the IDF for their contributions during the 1948 War of Independence and attempts we...
来源:[J].Israel Studies, 2020, Vol.25 (1), pp.26-46
摘要:The article examines the origins of the phrase “oom-shmoom” that has become emblematic of Israel's negative attitudes to the United Nations. The discussion is situated in the context of the competing foreign-policy schools of thought associated with David Ben-Gurion (activis...


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