作者:John Carroll , Larkin Powell , Chris Chizinski ...
来源:[J].African Journal of Wildlife Research, 2018, Vol.48 (2), pp.1-12Sabinet
摘要:Large carnivores are key drivers of ecosystem structure and function, yet their populationsare declining worldwide. African lion ( Panthera leo ) populations have decreased significantlyin recent decades with an estimated 23 000 lions left in Africa. Successful conservatione...
作者:Eleanor Tew , Graham I.H. Kerley , Marietjie Landman
来源:[J].African Journal of Wildlife Research, 2018, Vol.48 (2), pp.1-8Sabinet
摘要:Maintaining key ecological processes is a strong argument for conserving biodiversity, andthis should extend to preventing the local extinction of keystone species that are otherwisecommon. Seed dispersal is such a process and chacma baboons ( Papio ursinus ursinus )may facilitat...
作者:Mduduzi Ndlovu , Klinette Sutherland , Antón Pérez-Rodríguez
来源:[J].African Journal of Wildlife Research, 2018, Vol.48 (2), pp.1-14Sabinet
摘要:Artificial waterholes are a widely used, yet contested wildlife management practice insemi-arid environments.We evaluated wildlife water provisioning at four artificial waterholesin the southern region of the Kruger National Park.We documented daily waterhole visitationpatterns o...
来源:[J].MoneyMarketing, 2018, Vol.2018 (8), pp.22-22Sabinet
摘要:Rand Merchant Bank (RMB) is a place whereexceptional people are encouraged tochallenge the boundaries, question the normand seek solutions beyond the obvious. RMBers areinnovative in their thinking and turn challengesinto opportunities. They call themselves SolutionistThinke...
来源:[J].MoneyMarketing, 2018, Vol.2018 (8), pp.17-17Sabinet
摘要:Schroders Global Investor Study 2018 reveals a significant gap between people’s expectations and the financial realities of a life in retirement.Retirees are receiving a lower income in retirement than people approaching retirement currently expect, the study – which surveye...
来源:[J].MoneyMarketing, 2018, Vol.2018 (8), pp.1-2Sabinet
摘要:Traditional financial advice doesn’t go deep enough to tackle South Africans’ challenges, says Andrew Broadley, Executive at Standard Bank Wealth.
来源:[J].MoneyMarketing, 2018, Vol.2018 (8), pp.11-11Sabinet
摘要:Japan and Singapore share first place on the latest Henley Passport Index, enjoying visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 189 destinations. Both countries gained access to Uzbekistan earlier this year, knocking Germany off the top spot and kicking the latter into second pla...
来源:[J].MoneyMarketing, 2018, Vol.2018 (8), pp.24-24Sabinet
摘要:MoneyMarketing speaks to Jenny Albrecht, COO of Satrix InvestmentTeam, Cape Town and Nicola Gubb, CIO of WDB Investment Holdings.Both women are CFA Charter Holders, having passed what some call‘the world’s toughest exams’.
来源:[J].MoneyMarketing, 2018, Vol.2018 (8), pp.18-18Sabinet
摘要:Women are better at investing, accordingto the latest analysis of 2 800 BarclaysSmart Investor customers in theUnited Kingdom. The survey found that notonly did the female investors outperform theFTSE 100 over the last three years, but they alsooutshone their male counterparts.
作者:Francois Du Toit
来源:[J].MoneyMarketing, 2018, Vol.2018 (8), pp.6-6Sabinet
摘要:Most financial planners I engage with say they avoid the area of income tax when it comes to their clients’ planning. Why? They believe it is a specialist field that is best left to tax practitioners and accountants. They think it is a high-risk area due to its complexity. I...


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