作者:Veronika Chrastinová , Václav Tryhuk
来源:[J].Advances in Analysis, 2017, Vol.2 (3)Isaac
摘要:The article is devoted to the problem of whether or not a given system of differential equations is identical with the Euler–Lagrange system of an appropriate variational integral. The actual theories which rest on the Helmholz solvability condition and the local Tonti formu...
作者:K.P.R. Rao , A.Som Babu , Md.Mustaq Ali
来源:[J].Advances in Analysis, 2017, Vol.2 (3)Isaac
摘要:In this paper, we obtain a Presic type fixed point theorem for two pairs of jointly 2k-weakly compatible maps in fuzzy metric spaces.We also give an example to illustrate our main theorem. We obtain two corollaries for three maps and two maps.
作者:Baki Keskin , A. Sinan Ozkan
来源:[J].Advances in Analysis, 2017, Vol.2 (3)Isaac
摘要:In this work, the Sturm–Liouville problem with boundary conditions depending rationally on the spectral parameter is studied. We give a uniqueness theorem and algorithm to reconstruct the potential of the problem from nodal points (zeros of eigenfunctions).
作者:Adela Ionescu , Mario Lefebvre , Florian Munteanu
来源:[J].Advances in Analysis, 2017, Vol.2 (3)Isaac
摘要:Using the feedback linearization method, a state feedback control for the two-dimensional Kermack-McKendrick model for the spread of epidemics is obtained. This form of the dynamical system is suitable to carry out a qualitative analysis of the model. An optimal control problem f...
作者:V.S. Guliyev , E.J. Ibrahimov , S.Ar. Jafarova
来源:[J].Advances in Analysis, 2017, Vol.2 (3)Isaac
摘要:In this paper we consider some problems of the theory of approximation of functions on interval [0, ∞) in the metric of Lp, λ with weight sh2λ χ using generalized Gegenbauer shifts. We prove analogues of direct Jackson theorems for the modulus of smoothness of arbitrary...
作者:Samuel L. Krushkal
来源:[J].Advances in Analysis, 2017, Vol.2 (3)Isaac
摘要:Some models of the universal Teichmüller space that are given by its holomorphic embedding into appropriate Banach spaces play a crucial role in various applications of this space. We provide a new model of this space as a domain formed by the Grunsky coefficients of basic u...
作者:Jacques Percebois
来源:[J].International Journal of Power and Energy Research, 2017, Vol.1 (2)Isaac
摘要:In Europe, the ability for nuclear power to compete in the energy market is undermined by two interconnected issues: a scheme of guaranteed purchase prices for renewable energy sources (wind and solar) and very low spot market prices. A feed-in tariffs system increases costs...
作者:Minhhung Doan , Thaison Le , Thanhtrung Dang ...
来源:[J].International Journal of Power and Energy Research, 2017, Vol.1 (2)Isaac
摘要:The heat transfer characteristics of a microchannel condenser in the phase change from the vapor phase to the liquid phase depend on many factors such as the physical parameters of the working fluid, the cooling fluid, etc. In this paper, the numerical results are clearly present...
作者:Mohamed M. Saied
来源:[J].International Journal of Power and Energy Research, 2017, Vol.1 (2)Isaac
摘要:This paper deals with the frequency characteristics of partially undergrounded mixed power networks, which include several cable sections replacing parts of the overhead lines. The analysis yields the voltage and current distributions along the normal and the partially under...
作者:Nurul ‘Ain Hashim , Norzanah Rosmin , Aede Hatib Musta’amal ...
来源:[J].International Journal of Power and Energy Research, 2017, Vol.1 (2)Isaac
摘要:This paper presents the syngas performance of oil palm fronds (OPF) using a downdraft gasification method. So far, no biogas-OPF based power plant project has been developed in Malaysia even though the production of OPF is enormous. Initially, the empirical formula of OPF is...


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