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作者:Paolo Cavaliere
来源:[J].Cambridge International Law Journal, 2019, Vol.8 (2), pp.282-304EE
摘要:The EU Code of Conduct on hate speech requires online platforms to set standards to regulate the blocking or removal of undesirable content. The standards chosen can be analysed for four variables: the scope of protection, the form of speech, the nature of harm, and the likelihoo...
作者:Josef Falkinger
来源:[J].European Journal of Economics and Economic Policies, 2019, Vol.16 (3), pp.403-419EE
摘要:Economic objects are objects which are produced by employing inputs and valued by applying a valuation procedure. In a market economy the valuation is performed by the price mechanism. Ideally market prices reflect the scarcity values corresponding to individual preferences. This...
作者:Jamil Ddamulira Mujuzi
来源:[J].Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property, 2019, Vol.9 (4), pp.484-489EE
摘要:Case law from Singapore shows that one of the ways in which intellectual property rights holders have protected their rights is through private prosecutions. This is the case although the relevant pieces of legislation on patents, copyright and trade marks are silent on the issue...
作者:Hubert Gabrisch
来源:[J].European Journal of Economics and Economic Policies, 2019, Vol.16 (3), pp.327-343EE
摘要:Kazimierz Łaski belonged to the group of economists who particularly clearly and convincingly criticized the application of neoliberal doctrines to the transition of socialist countries into market economies. His analysis of the transition agendas was deeply rooted in the Ka...
作者:Michael A. Landesmann
来源:[J].European Journal of Economics and Economic Policies, 2019, Vol.16 (3), pp.344-369EE
摘要:Nicholas Kaldor and Kazimierz Łaski have been two very prominent exponents of Keynesian thinking. They both contributed to the debate on European economic integration, one (Nicholas Kaldor) in the early 1970s, when there were fierce debates about the United Kingdom's entry t...
作者:Andreas Lober , Timo Conraths
来源:[J].Interactive Entertainment Law Review, 2019, Vol.2 (2), pp.78-83EE
摘要:This article considers the legal issues surrounding the use of cheat software in online games, especially with reference to those games featuring significant online multiplayer functionality, such as massively multiplayer online games. Given the propensity of cheat software to ru...
作者:Benedict Kingsbury
来源:[J].Cambridge International Law Journal, 2019, Vol.8 (2), pp.171-186EE
摘要:Physical, informational and now digital infrastructure features throughout Nation-State consolidation and imperial extension, in war preparedness and war logistics, in resource extraction and energy capture and transit, in each quantum step in economic globalisation, in mass...


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