作者:Paige Hacker Bravo
来源:[J].Evidence Based Nursing, 2020, Vol.23 (2)
摘要:Commentary on: Tully AP, Hammond DA, Li C, et al. Evaluation of medication errors at the transition of care from an ICU to non-ICU location. Crit Care Med 2019;47:543–9. Doi: 10.1097/CCM.0000000000003633
作者:Roberta Heale
来源:[J].Evidence Based Nursing, 2020, Vol.23 (2)
作者:The Triumvirate
来源:[J].Thorax(IF 8.376), 2020, Vol.75 (4)
摘要:When it was released in 1966, this three and a half minute track by the Beach Boys was the costliest single ever recorded and was more than 6 months in the making. The good vibrations in this month’s Thorax are less costly but took rather longer to complete. Mok and colleagu...
作者:Christabella Ng , Alan Robert Smyth
来源:[J].Thorax(IF 8.376), 2020, Vol.75 (4)
摘要:In March 2006, smoking in public places was banned in Scotland. The following year a similar ban was introduced in England—the last of the UK home nations to adopt this policy. At the time, some suggested that the ban might paradoxically increase children’s exposure to envir...


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