作者:Kaniz Fatima , Azam Khan , Mushtaque Hussain
来源:[J].NED University Journal of Research, 2018, Vol.XV (4), pp.117 - 122NED工程技术大学
摘要:This paper presents a mathematical model for the analysis of reaction kinematics of growth of zinc oxide (ZnO) nanowires. The concentrations of zinc ions (Zn+2) and hydroxyl ion (OH-) in the growth process of ZnO were determined experimentally. The growth of ZnO nanowires was car...
作者:Samabia Tehsin , Sumaira Kausar
来源:[J].NED University Journal of Research, 2018, Vol.XV (4), pp.107 - 116NED工程技术大学
摘要:Video text can play a vital role in content-based video indexing, retrieval and analysis. Text tracking can speed up the text extraction process for videos. A methodology for text tracking approach is proposed in this paper for efficient multimedia indexing and retrieval. The met...
作者:Mukesh Kumar , Maria Samad Virk , Sarosh Hashmat Lodi
来源:[J].NED University Journal of Research, 2018, Vol.XV (4), pp.65 - 80NED工程技术大学
摘要:The characterisation of near-surface geological units using shear-wave velocity (Vs) profiles is essential for proper application of ground motion prediction models, and for seismic hazard and risk assessment. A hybrid approach is proposed in the presented paper for the estimatio...
作者:Muhammad Hassan Sarfraz , Mirza Jahanzaib , Muhammad Jawad
来源:[J].NED University Journal of Research, 2018, Vol.XV (4), pp.81 - 92NED工程技术大学
摘要:The present study aims to optimise the process variables which are involved in the fabrication of Al 6063-SiC composite by squeeze casting process. The variables included squeeze pressure, melt temperature and silicon carbide (SiC) reinforcement. The effects of these variabl...
作者:Farrah Aslam , Fawad Hussain , Muhammad Haroon Yousaf
来源:[J].NED University Journal of Research, 2018, Vol.XV (4), pp.93 - 106NED工程技术大学
摘要:An automatic content-based video retrieval (CBVR) system utilises visual data of videos to search for user’s desired query from a large collection of videos. The need for CBVR can be attributed to the massive growth of video data, which made the manual-based retrieval of vid...
作者:Ahmed Mohammed , Francis Afolabi Fajemirokun , John Benjamin Bulangas
来源:[J].NED University Journal of Research, 2017, Vol.XIV (4), pp.81 - 92NED工程技术大学
摘要:This study demonstrates the applicability and utilisation of the integration of Nigerian global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) reference network (NigNet) continuously operating reference station (CORS) and differential global positioning system (DGPS) in second order control...
作者:Sanjay Khatwani , Govind Maheshwari
来源:[J].NED University Journal of Research, 2017, Vol.XIV (4), pp.71 - 79NED工程技术大学
摘要:This paper presents a study on the performance of irreversible vapour absorption refrigeration (VAR) system using finite time thermodynamic approach. The complete VAR system is considered to be consisting of two sub-systems; generator-absorber assembly and evaporator-condenser as...
作者:Quratulain Mohtashim , Muriel Rigout
来源:[J].NED University Journal of Research, 2017, Vol.XIV (4), pp.93 - 103NED工程技术大学
摘要:In this study, a two-stage aftertreatment using a cationic fixing agent and tannin was found to improve the wash fastness of sulphur black 1 dyed cotton fabric to ISO 1O5 CO9 washing. The light and rub fastness of sulphur black 1 dyed cotton fabric remained the same for untreated...
作者:Emmanuel Umaru Peter , Abubakar Akinyele Musa , Nanpon Zitta
来源:[J].NED University Journal of Research, 2017, Vol.XIV (4), pp.61 - 70NED工程技术大学
摘要:An effective and efficient route selection process is vital in minimising the construction time and cost. Loss of man hours as a result of distance from source to destination, insecurity and damage of perishable goods has necessitated the need for this study. This paper presents ...
作者:Mehmood Ali , Ian Watson
来源:[J].NED University Journal of Research, 2017, Vol.XIV (4), pp.105 - 111NED工程技术大学
摘要:Microalgae offer significant potential to produce high value products and biofuels, whilst simultaneously being used to bio-remediate water or capture carbon dioxide (CO2). Microalgal cell disruption processes are often necessary to increase lipid extraction from microalgae befor...


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