作者:Zhu Shanshan
来源:[J].Research in Health Science, 2020, Vol.4 (4)Scholink
摘要:With the continuous development of information technology in recent years, information fusion technology, which originated from military applications, plays an important role in various fields. In addition, the rapidly increasing amount of data and the changing lifestyles of peop...
作者:Zhu Shanshan
来源:[J].Journal of Education, Teaching and Social Studies, 2019, Vol.1 (2)Scholink
摘要:As the development direction of information retrieval technology gradually evolves toward the relationship of search entities, traditional relational databases are difficult to satisfy, and graph databases are specifically created to handle the relationships between data. This ar...
作者:Wu Min
来源:[J].Journal of Education, Teaching and Social Studies, 2019, Vol.1 (2)Scholink
摘要:With the development of deep learning methods, the machine translation system based on deep neural network has reached a very high accuracy, but for some daily Chinese phenomenon machine translation system is still not able to translate correctly. In this paper, we study a senten...
作者:Wu Min , Zhu Shanshan
来源:[J].Journal of Education, Teaching and Social Studies, 2019, Vol.1 (2)Scholink
摘要:Language recognition is an important branch of speech technology. As a front-end technology of speech information processing, higher recognition accuracy is required. It is found through research that there are obvious differences between the language maps of different languages,...
作者:Ruta Renigere , Eva Cela
来源:[J].Journal of Education, Teaching and Social Studies, 2019, Vol.1 (2)Scholink
摘要:The ecological competence of health care is formed and developed in the process of transformative teaching and learning through developing systemic thinking, critical thinking, reflection and complementing health care knowledge with ecological knowledge. It expands the essence of...
作者:Benard O Nyatuka
来源:[J].Journal of Education, Teaching and Social Studies, 2019, Vol.1 (2)Scholink
摘要:There is an accumulating body of knowledge that points to the fact that rurality is a crucial demographic to be considered in the identification of students with respect to access to and retention in the higher institutions of learning. Research shows that rural economies, f...
作者:Soud Khalifa Al-Thani , Sungho Park
来源:[J].Sustainability in Environment, 2019, Vol.5 (1)Scholink
摘要:The construction industry is a major generator of waste. There are many challenges associated with implementing sustainable methods to manage construction waste. While the construction industry in the State of Qatar has been adopting plenty of progressive practices, waste ma...
作者:Jacob Setorglo , Moses K. Klevor , Philip Narteh Gorleku ...
来源:[J].Research in Health Science, 2019, Vol.4 (4)Scholink
摘要:Introduction: There are recommendations regarding infant and young child feeding and when followed children’s growth are optimum. These feeding practices are age definitive, starting from exclusive breastfeeding, to the transition of the child to complementary foods.Objectiv...
作者:Nkechi Patricia-Mary Esomonu , Umezuluike Philip Ogbuzulu
来源:[J].Applied Science and Innovative Research, 2019, Vol.3 (4)Scholink
摘要:This study investigated how students’grades in Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) predict grades in West African Certificate Examination (WACE) in English Language, mathematics and Igbo Language subjects. The study adopted correlation research design and was guid...
作者:Dr. Raphael Francis Otieno
来源:[J].English Language Teaching and Linguistics Studies, 2019, Vol.1 (2)Scholink
摘要:The study of conceptual interaction has attracted the attention of many scholars in Cognitive Linguistics. Primarily, the analysis has focused on the role of image-schemas in the construction of metaphors. This study explores the PATH and the CONTAINER image-schemas and the ...


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