作者:Anna Onoyase, Ph.D
来源:[J].World Journal of Educational Research, 2017, Vol.4 (1)Scholink
摘要:This paper examined the incidence of truancy among senior secondary school students in Epe Local Government Area of Lagos State and suggests ways counselling can be used to curb the problem. Three hypotheses were formulated to guide the study and the design was Ex-post Facto...
作者:Adebukola Foluke Osunyikanmi
来源:[J].World Journal of Social Science Research, 2017, Vol.4 (2)Scholink
摘要:Powerlessness of women, gender inequality and discrimination against women are concepts that often dominate political discourse. These perspectives on relations between men and women critically trivialize the unique role of women in the socio-economic and political development of...
作者:Katerina T. Frantzi , Anastasia K. Katranidou
来源:[J].World Journal of Social Science Research, 2017, Vol.4 (2)Scholink
摘要:In this study we present the updated version of the Greek Corpus of Defendants’ Testimonies, GCDT and a series of new evaluations that have been carried out on the defendants’ speech. Using criteria, such as lexical richness, lexical density, part-of-speech frequencies, word...
作者:Ruth P. Brookman , Karl K. K. Wiener
来源:[J].World Journal of Social Science Research, 2017, Vol.4 (2)Scholink
摘要:In English-speaking Western society’s punitive attitudes towards the sentencing of criminal offenders is a well-established phenomenon. Two theoretical models; the Crime-distrust model and Racial-animus model are demonstrated predictors of punitive attitudes. However, little...
作者:Heba A. ElFouly , Noha A. El Aziz
来源:[J].Sustainability in Environment, 2017, Vol.2 (2)Scholink
摘要:Enhancing the quality of life in urban settle ments is one of the most significant challenges facing governments. In the case of unsafe-slums, the challenge is even more problematical, as slum dwellers not only suffer from substandard housing, devoid of basic necessities and unhe...
作者:Fateme Moazzeni
来源:[J].Studies in English Language Teaching, 2017, Vol.5 (2)Scholink
摘要:The purpose of the present research is evaluating the effect of teaching method based on language games on development of students’ language and discourse. The main hypothesis of the research is based on effect of language games on development of students’ vocabularies. The ...
作者:Ishmael Mugari , Adewale A. Olutola
来源:[J].Journal of Economics and Public Finance, 2017, Vol.3 (2)Scholink
摘要:The wide discretionary powers that are bestowed on the police necessitate the need for some mechanisms to curb abuse of these powers. The court, as an accountability institution, plays an important role in curtailing police abuse of power. This study explored the role of the...
作者:Paul Lopodo Mutu
来源:[J].Research in Health Science, 2017, Vol.2 (2)Scholink
摘要:Drought has remained a major disaster that has contributed to a higher vulnerability among the mobile pastoral population because of its slow onset and accumulative impact over period. Centre for Research on Epidemiology of Diseases (CRED) has quantitatively provided that Ke...
作者:Sabine Gerstner , Franz X. Bogner
来源:[J].World Journal of Educational Research, 2017, Vol.4 (2)Scholink
摘要:Our study deals with the application of a quantitative boredom item battery for testing the trait-boredom variable within science lessons of different classroom situations. 298 5th graders participated in this study. We monitored “mental underload”, “unused learning tim...
作者:Ömer Uğur Bulut , Sadık Rıdvan Karluk
来源:[J].Journal of Business Theory and Practice, 2017, Vol.5 (2)Scholink
摘要:In our study, the selected financial liberalization and pre-crisis indicators which is inspired by the work of Kaminsky, Lizondo and Reinhart known as KLR approach is analyzed. For Turkish economy, the completion of the financial liberalization process in the time interval after ...


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