JSciMed Central Journals
作者:Jurate De Prins
来源:[J].JSM Bioinformatics, Genomics and Proteomics, 2016, Vol.1 (2)JSciMed Central Journals
摘要:Taxonomic text and data mining in collections and libraries of natural history has received much attention in recent months. Given the fact that intelligent text and data mining is able to extract taxonomic facts and evidences around such subjects like species, types, distributio...
作者:Samy I. McFarlane
来源:[J].Journal of Sleep Medicine and Disorders, 2016, Vol.3JSciMed Central Journals
摘要:The main characteristics of sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) are airflow limitation, chronic intermittent hypoxia, or apnea; which may lead to tissue hypoperfusion and recurrent arousal from sleep. These episodes of hypoxia or apnea can lead to tissue inflammation, and are c...
作者:Maria Dakoutrou
来源:[J].Journal of Dermatology and Clinical Research, 2016, Vol.4JSciMed Central Journals
摘要:Vitiligo is a chronic acquired depigmentary disorder of the skin and rarely of the mucous membranes with similar reported prevalence among children and adults. It is caused by melanocyte destruction and has a multifactorial pathogenesis with autoimmunity playing a central ro...
作者:Zuzana Nevoralová
来源:[J].Journal of Dermatology and Clinical Research, 2016, Vol.4JSciMed Central Journals
摘要:Acne conglobata is an uncommon and severe, inflammatory form of acne vulgaris that is characterized by interconnecting abscesses, draining sinus tracts, and severe disfigurement. We present a case of a 26-year-old female with a past medical history of mild acne that suddenly deve...
作者:Singh Harneet
来源:[J].Journal of Autism and Epilepsy, 2016, Vol.1 (2)JSciMed Central Journals
摘要:Many patients with epilepsy have some degree of cognitive impairment. The likelihood is increased for patients diagnosed with epilepsy during childhood. Active childhood epilepsy is associated with deficits in working memory, processing speed, and overall global cognitive impairm...
作者:Benjamin Kelley
来源:[J].Journal of Ear,Nose and Throat Dosrders, 2016, Vol.1 (1)JSciMed Central Journals
摘要:We present a unique case of tumoral calcinosis (TC) with airway involvement and a novel technique for debridement. TC is a rare disorder, characterized by calcified tumors and dysfunction of large joints. To date there have been no reports of calcification involving the airway. C...
作者:Zulfiqarali G. Abbas
来源:[J].JSM Foot and Ankle, 2016, Vol.1 (1)JSciMed Central Journals
摘要:Diabetes is the most, non-communicable chronic disease globally. In African countries where incidence rates are increasing diabetic foot complications, such as ulceration, infection, or gangrene lead to considerable morbidity, long term disability and premature mortality. Pu...
作者:Haitham Abdelmoteleb
来源:[J].Jounal of Urology and Research, 2016, Vol.3 (5)JSciMed Central Journals
摘要:Abstract Objectives: To evaluate the efficacy and tolerability of Mirabegron for the treatment of overactive bladder symptoms in a real life, long term follow up study conducted in a tertiary referral centre. Methods: A structured telephone questionnaire of patients was conducted...
作者:Shahla Namak
来源:[J].Journal of Family Medicine and Community Health, 2016, Vol.3 (3)JSciMed Central Journals
摘要:The axillary digital traction maneuver to relieve shoulder dystocia is a maneuver that was mentioned in medical literature as early as the 17th century by a midwife.
作者:Awad El-Magbri
来源:[J].JSM Renal Medicine, 2016, Vol.1 (1)JSciMed Central Journals
摘要:Access monitoring and pre-emptive angioplasty is known to decrease the incidence of AVF/AVG thrombosis. Thrombosis is the leading cause of vascular access complications and is almost always associated with the presence of stenosis. Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) is a...


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