Ivy Publisher 期刊
作者:Xueqing Yang , Zhiying Ji
来源:[J].Economic Management Journal, 2018, Vol.7 (1), pp.47-58Ivy Publisher
摘要:The paper measures the total carbon emissions and carbon emission intensity of different Chinese provinces between 2000 and 2012, then analyses the spatial features and dynamic evolution of carbon emission intensity through exploratory spatial data analysis, to explore its cluste...
作者:Yan Xu , Kaixiao Zhang , Mingyi Liu
来源:[J].Education Research Frontier, 2018, Vol.8 (2), pp.72-75Ivy Publisher
摘要:With emerging of the new information technologies, the deepening fusion of network teaching environment and curriculum, flipped classroom has become a new model of educational reform in china and abroad. It has brought great impact on today's higher education teaching mode. This ...
作者:Yuwen Deng
来源:[J].Economic Management Journal, 2018, Vol.7 (1), pp.69-80Ivy Publisher
摘要:Substantial income has been brought to the bank since credit card business entering the Chinese market, giving rise to a growing number of credit card issuers and more frequent transactions, which also improves convenience of cardholders. However, the booming market of credi...
作者:Xiaomeng Xu
来源:[J].Economic Management Journal, 2018, Vol.7 (1), pp.15-27Ivy Publisher
摘要:After decades of development, China's economy has achieved remarkable achievement. One of the signals is the rise of Chinese cities. The process of urbanization and economic development are intertwined. In addition, China is in the important stage of economic transition beca...
作者:Dongliang Wang , Jianhong Wang
来源:[J].Economic Management Journal, 2018, Vol.7 (1), pp.81-86Ivy Publisher
摘要:Take ZHONGLU.CO. and TLD (Referred to as ZLC, A-share code 600818) as an example, with the financial statement of 2016, 2015 and 2014 to analyze the overall financial status of ZLC. We based on the Balance Sheets, Income Statement and Statement of Cash Flows to analyze the financ...
作者:Yu Jia
来源:[J].Education Research Frontier, 2018, Vol.8 (2), pp.64-71Ivy Publisher
摘要:Moral education is the focus of current school education and an important part of quality education for students. Physical education is not only to impart knowledge, technology and skills to students, but also to enhance students' physical fitness, but also to develop students' i...
作者:Min Tan
来源:[J].Economic Management Journal, 2018, Vol.7 (1), pp.59-68Ivy Publisher
摘要:This paper compares the impact of restricted measures on CSI 500 stock index futures market and its underlying spot market. It uses vector error correction (VECM) model and common factor analysis method to study the differences between the two markets before and after the restric...
作者:Qitong Chen
来源:[J].Economic Management Journal, 2018, Vol.7 (1), pp.1-14Ivy Publisher
摘要:The separation of ownership and management of companies results in agency problems between shareholders and management to some extent. In Western countries, shareholders usually actively participate in the company’s management and monitor management issues in order to enhanc...
作者:Tong Fang
来源:[J].Economic Management Journal, 2018, Vol.7 (1), pp.28-35Ivy Publisher
摘要:Shanghai, the largest and the most developed city in China, has experienced a rapid economic development in the recent ten years. It has entered into a post-industrial era, in which the manufacturing industry is quickly leaving. The proportion of real economy based on manufa...
作者:Ningyi Wang , Zinan Zeng
来源:[J].Economic Management Journal, 2018, Vol.7 (1), pp.36-46Ivy Publisher
摘要:This paper mainly through the comparison of GARCH-VaR China stock market board, small board and gem in the United States correspond to the three stock index volatility, volatility between stock indexes obtained U.S. stock market volatility risk multi-level market differences...


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