作者:MaxiNieto , Juan PabloMateo
来源:[J].Science & Society, 2020, Vol.84 (1), pp.42-66Guilford出版社
摘要:A common Austrian criticism of socialist economic planning points to its supposed inability to boost the dynamic efficiency of an economy, given that adequate business innovation and efficient social coordination cannot be achieved in the absence of private property and market pr...
来源:[J].Science & Society, 2020, Vol.84 (1), pp.134-142Guilford出版社
来源:[J].Science & Society, 2020, Vol.84 (1), pp.67-94Guilford出版社
摘要:Charles Mills' philosophical position has undergone a number of subtle shifts over the past 30 years. Nevertheless, there has been a relative consistency in his thought over the past two decades, at least since The Racial Contract of 1997. That consistency consists in his tu...
来源:[J].Science & Society, 2020, Vol.84 (1), pp.3-12Guilford出版社
来源:[J].Science & Society, 2020, Vol.84 (1), pp.13-41Guilford出版社
摘要:Many reasons have been advanced why Capital remained unfinished. Marx's bad health seriously hampered his research and writing, but this was much more so in the early 1860s, than in the 1870s. Also, after 1872, Marx's other commitments had become much less time-consuming. During ...
来源:[J].Science & Society, 2020, Vol.84 (1), pp.143-154Guilford出版社
作者:ToddGordon , Jeffery R.Webber
来源:[J].Science & Society, 2020, Vol.84 (1), pp.95-125Guilford出版社
摘要:Scholarly debate on territorialized geopolitics and internationalized capitalist accumulation has reached an impasse. Advocates of empire and transnational class and state formation underestimate the staying power of nation–states in the contemporary global order and extend ...
作者:Margaret T.Debrot
来源:[J].The Psychoanalytic Review, 2019, Vol.106 (6), pp.559-572Guilford出版社
摘要:Daydreams and night dreams are similar in that both share the wish fulfillment aspect of dreaming. Even though the difference between day and night dreams is obvious—daydreams happen when a person is awake (conscious) and night dreams happen when a person is asleep (unconsci...


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