G.V. Kurdyumov金属物理研究院,乌克兰国家科学院
作者:A. A. Kalenyuk, G. G. Kaminskyi, A. V. Semenov, V. O. Moskaliuk, V. S. Flis
来源:[J].Metallofiz. Noveishie Tekhnol.(IF 0.108), 2017, Vol.39 (04), pp.441-455N.A.S. of Ukraine
摘要:The nonlinear magnetic susceptibility $\chi$($H_{\textrm{ac}}$) and critical current $J_{\textrm{c}}$ in thin YBa$_2$Cu$_3$O$_{7-\delta}$ films are measured using planar spiral open-faced pick-up coils. The real and imaginary parts of a generalized susceptibility $\tilde{\ch...
作者:V. B. Molodkin, H. I. Nizkova, Ye. I. Bogdanov, S. I. Olikhovskii, S. V. Dmitriev, M. G. Tolmachev, V. V. Lizunov, Ya. V. Vasylyk, A. G. Karpov, O. G. Voytok
来源:[J].Usp. Fiz. Met., 2017, Vol.18 (02), pp.177-204N.A.S. of Ukraine
摘要:We discuss results of detection and discovery of the physical nature of a new effect of azimuthal dependence asymmetry of the total integrated intensity of dynamical diffraction (TIIDD) of X-rays not due to the disturbed surface layer (DSL) that was described in a previous w...
作者:M. Yu. Verbytska, M. N. Shamis, K. V. Slipchenko, T. I. Verbytska, Iu. M. Makogon
来源:[J].Metallofiz. Noveishie Tekhnol.(IF 0.108), 2017, Vol.39 (01), pp.105-115N.A.S. of Ukraine
摘要:The effect of stress state on the thermally activated processes of $L1_{0}$-FePt-ordered phase formation at annealing as well as the magnetic properties of Fe$_{52}$Pt$_{48}$(15 nm) film are studied by the physical materials science methods. The film is fabricated by magnetr...
作者:V. M. Nadutov, O. I. Zaporozhets, S. Yu. Makarenko, M. O. Dordienko, V. A. Mikhaylovsky
来源:[J].Metallofiz. Noveishie Tekhnol.(IF 0.108), 2017, Vol.39 (05), pp.621-632N.A.S. of Ukraine
摘要:Determination of the hyperfine-interaction parameters, acoustic and elastic properties of the high-entropy Al$_{x}$CuCrCoNiFe alloys (HEAs) ($x$ = 1, 1.8) in the as-cast state is carried out with the use of Mössbauer spectroscopy, x-ray diffractometry and high-precision ultr...
作者:E. V. Lutsenko, V. A. Kreshchenko, M. D. Rud’, O. V. Sobol’, M. A. Glushchenko, A. I. Zubkov
来源:[J].Metallofiz. Noveishie Tekhnol.(IF 0.108), 2017, Vol.39 (05), pp.607-620N.A.S. of Ukraine
摘要:The structure of condensates and cast samples of aluminium, Al–Fe and Al–Zr alloys crystallized from both the melt and the vapour phase in a vacuum is studied. As shown, the alloying of the vapour flow of a matrix metal, i.e. aluminium, with iron up to $\cong$ 3 at.% reduces...
作者:L. F. Koshkina
来源:[J].Nanosistemi,Nanomateriali,Nanotehnologii, 2017, Vol.15 (2), pp.0329-0336N.A.S. of Ukraine
摘要:Изучены оптические свойства застывших плавов EuSe и EuIn2Se4 в системе NaCl–KCl эквимолярного состава. Сформированные в застывших плавах наноструктуры проя...
作者:O. I. Mitsek, V. M. Pushkar
来源:[J].Metallofiz. Noveishie Tekhnol.(IF 0.108), 2017, Vol.39 (04), pp.425-439N.A.S. of Ukraine
摘要:Magnetic properties of the 3$d$(Fe)–4$f$(RE) intermetallides are calculated by introduction of both the many-electron operator spinors (MEOS) and the chemical-bonds’ fluctuations as MEOS Fourier images. Dependences of both the critical temperature $T_{\textrm{c}}$ and the co...
作者:I. O. Marek, O. K. Ruban, V. P. Redko, M. I. Danylenko, and O. V. Dudnik
来源:[J].Nanosistemi,Nanomateriali,Nanotehnologii, 2017, Vol.15 (1), pp.0091-0098N.A.S. of Ukraine
摘要:Гидротермальным синтезом в щелочной среде получены нанокристаллические порошки твёрдого раствора на основе ZrO2 (мол.%): 97ZrO2–3Y2O3, 90ZrO2–2Y2O3–8CeO2 и исследова...
作者:E. V. Lobko, Z. О. Gagolkina, Yu. V. Yakovlev, Е. А. Lysenkov, V. V. Klepko
来源:[J].Nanosistemi,Nanomateriali,Nanotehnologii, 2017, Vol.15 (2), pp.0345-0354N.A.S. of Ukraine
摘要:Получены композиты на основе сетчатых полиуретанов, синтезированных через форполимер или аддукт, с введёнными in situ многослойными углеродными нанотр...
作者:O. M. Bordun, B. O. Bordun, I. J. Kukharskyy, I. I. Medvid, Zh. Ya. Tsapovska, D. S. Leonov
来源:[J].Nanosistemi,Nanomateriali,Nanotehnologii, 2017, Vol.15 (2), pp.0299-0308N.A.S. of Ukraine
摘要:Исследованы структура, фазовый состав и морфология поверхности тонких плёнок ?-Ga2O3, полученных методом высокочастотного ионно-плазменного распыления...


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