作者:Muanis Sinanović
来源:[J].maska, 2019, Vol.34 (196-197), pp.10-25Intellect Ltd
摘要:In the first part, the article explores the probably prevailing use of the term ‘generation’ in Slovenian culture and journalism in the 2010s. It delineates the network of institutions and discourses in the play of symbolic and economic power, as well as the conclusion or th...
作者:Maša Radi Buh
来源:[J].maska, 2019, Vol.34 (196-197), pp.110-115Intellect Ltd
摘要:The review of the Physical Manifestations edition entitled Every Now Is Time, Space, Variation #2 focuses on experiencing this event that was not to be experienced by observing from a fixed sitting position, but by actively co-creating, experiencing, living and exploring. The spa...
作者:Kaja Kraner
来源:[J].maska, 2019, Vol.34 (196-197), pp.44-59Intellect Ltd
摘要:In the first phase, the article strives to outline the context of the expansion of curation in the field of visual arts in relation to certain specifics of contemporary art in Slovenia since the 1990s. I point out a few similarities within the field of contemporary performing art...
作者:Robert Bobnič
来源:[J].maska, 2019, Vol.34 (196-197), pp.102-109Intellect Ltd
摘要:At the end of last December, Staš Vrenko, Slovenian artist and explorer of sound matter, displayed a system of unique sound machines entitled Loops in Transmission that could be seen, heard and used at Osmo/za. We hear the whirring of machines produced by electromathematical...
作者:Maša Radi Buh
来源:[J].maska, 2019, Vol.34 (196-197), pp.76-87Intellect Ltd
摘要:The first part of the interview with Maja Delak opens the question of the development and responsiveness of contemporary dance educational programmes in Slovenia, including the problem of pursuing the studies after the secondary level. In the second part, it touches upon the cond...
作者:Jaka Smerkolj Simoneti , Tery Žeželj , Jernej Potočan ...
来源:[J].maska, 2019, Vol.34 (196-197), pp.60-67Intellect Ltd
摘要:The self-interview questions the creative process of publishing a new issue of Adept (year V, number 2) in which 48 structured interviews aim at presenting the new theatre generation most commonly described as ‘young’. The contribution discusses the process of developing the...
作者:Katja Čičigoj
来源:[J].maska, 2019, Vol.34 (196-197), pp.26-43Intellect Ltd
摘要:Departing from questioning the generational character of recent environmental movements, this contribution explores Donna Haraway’s conception of a non-filial, unoedipal, non-blood-related form of kinship. It thus paves the way for questioning – from a feminist and environme...
作者:Dino Pešut
来源:[J].maska, 2019, Vol.34 (196-197), pp.88-101Intellect Ltd
作者:Pia Brezavšček , Alja Lobnik
来源:[J].maska, 2019, Vol.34 (196-197), pp.3-8Intellect Ltd
作者:Zala Dobovšek
来源:[J].maska, 2019, Vol.34 (196-197), pp.116-122Intellect Ltd
摘要:The article reflects upon the four-act performance It Was My Pleasure More than Once, places it in the wider context of Brecelj’s engagement and questions the contemporary effects of such activism and the policy of persevering. Brecelj’s soft-terrorist actions, continuous ca...


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