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作者:Tomasz Górecki , Maciej Łuczak
来源:[J].Statistics in Transition. New Series, 2017, Vol.18 (3), pp.443-458Exeley 公司
摘要:In practice, it often happens that there are a number of classification methods. We are not able to clearly determine which method is optimal. We propose a combined method that allows us to consolidate information from multiple sources in a better classifier. Stacked regression (...
作者:Leszek Morawski , Adrian Domitrz
来源:[J].Statistics in Transition. New Series, 2017, Vol.18 (3), pp.501-520Exeley 公司
摘要:The poverty rates based on the OECD scales are frequently used in public debate. In this scale, large families are usually identified as those most in need of financial support. Poland is an interesting case for applying an alternative, subjective approach to calculating equivale...


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