作者:C.S. Bagewadi , Gurupadavva Ingalahalli
来源:[J].International Journal of Analysis and Applications, 2017, Vol.14 (2), pp.209-217Etamaths Publishing
摘要:We study Ricci solitons in (ε,δ)-trans-Sasakian manifolds. It is shown that a symmetric parallel second order covariant tensor in a (ε,δ)-trans-Sasakian manifold is a constant multiple of the metric tensor. Using this it is shown that if Vg + 2S is parallel where V is a give...
作者:Saiful Rahman Mondal , Kottakkaran Sooppy Nisar
来源:[J].International Journal of Analysis and Applications, 2017, Vol.14 (2), pp.203-208Etamaths Publishing
摘要:The article considers the generalized k-Bessel functions and represents it as Wright functions. Then we study the monotonicity properties of the ratio of two different orders k- Bessel functions, and the ratio of the k-Bessel and the k-Bessel functions. The log-convexity with res...
作者:Florian-Horia Vasilescu
来源:[J].International Journal of Analysis and Applications, 2017, Vol.14 (2), pp.107-133Etamaths Publishing
摘要:Various spaces of measurable functions are usually endowed with semi-inner products expressed in terms of positive measures. Trying to give answers to the inverse problem, we present integral representations for some semi-inner products on function spaces of measurable functions,...
作者:Özkan Öcalan , Nurten Kilic , Sermin Sahin ...
来源:[J].International Journal of Analysis and Applications, 2017, Vol.14 (2), pp.147-154Etamaths Publishing
摘要:Consider the first-order nonlinear retarded differential equation $$ x^{\prime }(t)+p(t)f\left( x\left( \tau (t)\right) \right) =0, t\geq t_{0} $$ where $p(t)$ and $\tau (t)$ are function of positive real numbers such that $%\tau (t)\leq t$ for$\ t\geq t_{0},\ $and$\ \lim_{t\righ...
作者:Bandar Bin-Mohsin , Muhammad Uzair Awan , Muhammad Aslam Noor ...
来源:[J].International Journal of Analysis and Applications, 2017, Vol.14 (2), pp.180-192Etamaths Publishing
摘要:In this paper, we introduce the concept of generalized beta-convex functions. This new class of convex functions includes several new and previous known classes of convex functions as special cases. We derive some integral inequalities of Hermite-Hadamard type via generalized bet...
作者:Hüseyin Bor
来源:[J].International Journal of Analysis and Applications, 2017, Vol.14 (2), pp.175-179Etamaths Publishing
摘要:In this paper, we proved a general theorem dealing with absolute weighted arithmetic mean summability factors of infinite series under weaker conditions. We have also obtained some known results.
作者:Asghar Khan , Muhammad Farooq , Bijan Davvaz
来源:[J].International Journal of Analysis and Applications, 2017, Vol.14 (2), pp.193-202Etamaths Publishing
摘要:The main theme of this paper is to study ordered semihypergroups in the context of int-soft interior hyperideals. In this paper, the notion of int-soft interior hyperideals are studied and their related properties are discussed. We present characterizations of interior hyperideal...
作者:Fuat Usta , Mehmet Zeki Sarıkaya
来源:[J].International Journal of Analysis and Applications, 2017, Vol.14 (2), pp.162-166Etamaths Publishing
摘要:In this study, we wish to set up and present some new conformable fractional integral inequalities of the Gronwall type which have a great variety of implementation area in differential and integral equations.
作者:Lubica Hola , Dusan Holy
来源:[J].International Journal of Analysis and Applications, 2017, Vol.14 (2), pp.155-161Etamaths Publishing
摘要:Let $X, Y$ be topological spaces. A function $f: X \to Y$ is said to be graph quasicontinuous if there is a quasicontinuous function $g: X \to Y$ with the graph of $g$ contained in the closure of the graph of $f$. There is a close relation between the notions of graph quasicontin...
作者:Hikmet Seyhan Özarslan
来源:[J].International Journal of Analysis and Applications, 2017, Vol.14 (2), pp.134-139Etamaths Publishing
摘要:In this paper, a known theorem dealing with $|A,p_{n}|_{k}$ summability method of infinite series has been generalized to $| A,p_{n};\delta|_{k}$ summability method. Also, some results have been obtained.


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