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作者:Pedro Henrique González Silva , Ana Flávia U. S. Macambira , Renan Vicente Pinto ...
来源:[J].RAIRO - Operations Research(IF 0.237), 2020, Vol.54 (3), pp.873-882
摘要:Given a solid T , represented by a compact set in ℝ3, the aim of this work is to find a covering of T by a finite set of spheres of different radii. Some level of intersection between the spheres is necessary to cover the solid. Moreover, the volume occupied by th...
作者:Rong Cheng , Weimin Ma , Hua Ke
来源:[J].RAIRO - Operations Research(IF 0.237), 2020, Vol.54 (3), pp.827-843
摘要:Store brands play an increasingly important role in retailing business, leading more and more retailers to introduce store brands. Abundant research focuses on competition between store brands and national brands and counterstrategies that national-brand manufacturers can ta...
作者:Celso C. Ribeiro , Philippe L. F. dos Santos
来源:[J].RAIRO - Operations Research(IF 0.237), 2020, Vol.54 (3), pp.845-871
摘要:The graph coloring problem consists in coloring the vertices of a graph G=(V, E) with a minimum number of colors, such as that any two adjacent vertices receive different colors. The minimum cost chromatic partition problem (MCCPP) is an extension of the graph coloring problem in...
作者:Francesca Guerriero , Giovanna Miglionico , Filomena Olivito
来源:[J].RAIRO - Operations Research(IF 0.237), 2020, Vol.54 (3), pp.795-813
摘要:This paper addresses some inventory management problems arising in the Italian health care system. We aim at defining inventory management strategies for the hospitals located in Calabria, a Region in the South of Italy. We present some classical inventory management formulations...
作者:Mian Zhang , Shan Gao
来源:[J].RAIRO - Operations Research(IF 0.237), 2020, Vol.54 (3), pp.815-825
摘要:We consider the M / M /1 queue with disasters and impatient customers. Disasters only occur when the main server being busy, it not only removes out all present customers from the system, but also breaks the main server down. When the main server is down, it is sent for repair. T...
作者:Arumugam Azhagappan , Thirunavukkarasu Deepa
来源:[J].RAIRO - Operations Research(IF 0.237), 2020, Vol.54 (3), pp.783-793
摘要:The customers’ impatience and its effect plays a major role in the economy of a country. It directly affects the sales of products and profit of a trading company. So, it is very important to study various impatient behaviors of customers and to analyze different strategies ...
作者:Anurag Jayswal , Preeti
来源:[J].RAIRO - Operations Research(IF 0.237), 2020, Vol.54 (3), pp.637-652
摘要:This paper aims to examine an appropriateness of the exact minimax penalty function method applied to solve the partial differential inequation (PDI) and partial differential equation (PDE) constrained multitime variational problems. The criteria for equivalence between the optim...
作者:Wei Sun , Shiyong Li , Naishuo Tian
来源:[J].RAIRO - Operations Research(IF 0.237), 2020, Vol.54 (3), pp.615-636
摘要:This paper mainly studies customers’ equilibrium balking behavior in Markovian queues with single vacation and geometric abandonments. Whenever the system becomes empty, the server begins a vacation. If it is still empty when the vacation ends, the server stays idle and wait...
作者:Selvaraj Hemapriya , Ramasamy Uthayakumar
来源:[J].RAIRO - Operations Research(IF 0.237), 2020, Vol.54 (3), pp.653-673
摘要:This paper explores a neoteric approach to geometric shipment policy and concerns the impact of controllable lead time, setup cost reduction, lost sales caused by stock-out and freight cost within an integrated vendor–buyer supply chain configuration using service-level cons...
作者:Ajinkya Tanksale , J.K. Jha
来源:[J].RAIRO - Operations Research(IF 0.237), 2020, Vol.54 (3), pp.749-782
摘要:In this work, we study an integrated inventory-transportation problem in a supply chain consisting of region-bound warehouses located in different regions. The supply chain deals with multiple items that compete for storage space and transportation capacity with multi-modal ...


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