Redfame Institute
作者:Robert Smith
来源:[J].Journal of Education and Training Studies, 2017, Vol.5 (7), pp.103Redfame Institute
摘要:Journal of Education and Training Studies (JETS) would like to acknowledge the following reviewers for their assistance with peer review of manuscripts for this issue. Many authors, regardless of whether JETS publishes their work, appreciate the helpful feedback provided by ...
作者:Hülya Demircioğlu
来源:[J].Journal of Education and Training Studies, 2017, Vol.5 (7), pp.78-90Redfame Institute
摘要:The aim of this study is to determine the effect of activities developed in accordance with PDEODE teaching strategy on students’ understanding of the particulate nature of matter. The sample of the study consists of the first grade students who study in the Primary School T...
作者:Nitsa Dori
来源:[J].Journal of Education and Training Studies, 2017, Vol.5 (7), pp.91-102Redfame Institute
摘要:A “sense of self-efficacy” is defined as the process of linking knowledge to action, as the assessment of the ability to execute a behavior leading to a certain outcome. A person’s perception of self-efficacy has behavioral and emotional implications. When people doubt ...
作者:Ping Ji , Haibo Wang , Chao Zhang ...
来源:[J].Journal of Education and Training Studies, 2017, Vol.5 (7), pp.73-77Redfame Institute
摘要:Objective: To obtain information on the current clinical research training status and evaluate the training needs comprehensively for medical staff in hospitals. Methods: This survey was initiated and conducted by the Health and Family Planning Commission of Shenzhen in conj...
作者:Ofra Korat , Olla Kozlov-Peretz , Ora Segal-Drori
来源:[J].Journal of Education and Training Studies, 2017, Vol.5 (7), pp.60-72Redfame Institute
摘要:The contribution of repeated e-book reading with and without word explanation support and its effect on receptive and expressive word learning among preschoolers was examined. Seventy-eight kindergartners were randomly divided into an experimental and a control group. The experim...
作者:Sadık Yöndem , Zeynep Yöndem , Meral Per
来源:[J].Journal of Education and Training Studies, 2017, Vol.5 (7), pp.53-59Redfame Institute
摘要:The qualities of artists and musicians have attracted the attention of personality psychologists and researchers studying creativity. Artistic activities are considered by some to be therapeutic, and may offer a buffer effect on psychological health. On the other hand, research h...
作者:F. Kıralp , Nergüz Serin
来源:[J].Journal of Education and Training Studies, 2017, Vol.5 (7), pp.37-45Redfame Institute
摘要:The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between loneliness levels and attachment styles of university students. In this research, it was investigated whether the attachment styles differed in terms of variables such as gender, class, place of stay, socio-ec...
作者:Bilge Altan , Havva Altıntas
来源:[J].Journal of Education and Training Studies, 2017, Vol.5 (7), pp.46-52Redfame Institute
摘要:Vocational high schools are one of the controversial topics, and also the hardly touched fields in educational field. Students’ profiles of vocational schools, their visions, and professional identity developments are not frequently reflected in the literature. Therefore, th...
作者:F. Yıldız , Aysel Çağdaş , Gökhan Kayılı
来源:[J].Journal of Education and Training Studies, 2017, Vol.5 (7), pp.28-36Redfame Institute
摘要:The purpose of this study is to perform the validity-reliability analysis of the three subtests of Basic School Skills Inventory 3 – Mathematics, Classroom Behavior and Daily Life skills – and do its adaptation for four to six year-old Turkish children. The sample of the stu...
作者:Mustafa Karadağ
来源:[J].Journal of Education and Training Studies, 2017, Vol.5 (7), pp.13-19Redfame Institute
摘要:The aim of this study was to compare the values of heart rate (HR) and blood lactate (BL) of kickboxers during kickboxing match. This study was conducted with the participation of 18 male and 16 female sportsman in Turkish Kickboxing championship, an organization of Turkish ...


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