Redfame Institute
作者:James Young
来源:[J].International Journal of Social Science Studies, 2018, Vol.6 (8), pp.85Redfame Institute
摘要:International Journal of Social Science Studies (IJSSS) would like to acknowledge the following reviewers for their assistance with peer review of manuscripts for this issue. Many authors, regardless of whether IJSSS publishes their work, appreciate the helpful feedback prov...
作者:Brian Micallef
来源:[J].International Journal of Social Science Studies, 2018, Vol.6 (8), pp.73-84Redfame Institute
摘要:Malta registered the largest increase in the female participation rate among European countries since 2008. This increase was driven by various policy initiatives aimed to attract more females to the labour market but also by the changing role of women in society. Furthermor...
作者:Sneha Pawar
来源:[J].International Journal of Social Science Studies, 2018, Vol.6 (8), pp.54-66Redfame Institute
摘要:Manufacturing has been an engine of growth in India in the seventies and eighties. After the 1991 reforms the engine appears to be slowing. This paper attempts to examine the reality behind the increased productivity by applying methods that measure productivity per factor a...
作者:Yayew Chekol
来源:[J].International Journal of Social Science Studies, 2018, Vol.6 (8), pp.67-72Redfame Institute
摘要:The foremost intent of this study was to investigate the major dynamics that are reversing in Ethio-Egyptian hydro political relations. To attain this objective the researcher employed case study design, primary and secondary sources of data, and purposive sampling techniques. De...
作者:Jan-Erik Lane
来源:[J].International Journal of Social Science Studies, 2018, Vol.6 (8), pp.32-44Redfame Institute
摘要:Climate and Earth scientists have launched the new theory of abrupt climate change, which entails a most real threat to human survival. They clarify Hawking irreversibility by multiple so-called tipping points. The COP21 project seems bound for coordination failure. And country r...
作者:Yezdi H. Godiwalla
来源:[J].International Journal of Social Science Studies, 2018, Vol.6 (8), pp.45-53Redfame Institute
摘要:Global innovation strategy makes a global (or international) organization more competitive and contributes to long term growth. A focus on newer trends and approaches in the technology and internal and external organizational processes would help the innovative and entrepren...
作者:Enny Ingketria
来源:[J].International Journal of Social Science Studies, 2018, Vol.6 (8), pp.1-15Redfame Institute
摘要:From the Dutch colonial era until the end of Suharto administration, Chinese Indonesians have perpetually been the victims of racial prejudice and negative stereotyping addressed by pribumi. However, the most difficult situations and unpleasant experiences occurred under Suh...
作者:Lanouar Ben Hafsa
来源:[J].International Journal of Social Science Studies, 2018, Vol.6 (8), pp.22-31Redfame Institute
摘要:This study aims to shed light on a community for long positioned as Arab and/or Muslim but still in search of a sense of belonging that promotes its ancestral heritage and at the same time reinforces bonds of solidarity among its members. It investigates the rhetoric around ...
作者:Tian Xinhe
来源:[J].International Journal of Social Science Studies, 2018, Vol.6 (8), pp.16-21Redfame Institute
摘要:“Gun Long Lian Xiang” is a popular kind of dancing in Enshi, Hubei. In recent years, the local government in Enshi has taken amounts of measures on promoting the protection, inheritance and development of this “intangible cultural heritage” program. In order to have a b...
作者:Johnson Nwofia
来源:[J].International Journal of Social Science Studies, 2018, Vol.6 (7), pp.71-83Redfame Institute
摘要:The primary reasons for creating the Nigerian local government system was grassroots mobilization and development. The Council has however, consistently failed to provide critical services to the rural poor ostensibly because of poor funding. The work examined the structure,...


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